Anyone out there using ? How do you like it? What don't you like about it?

I've been using vim for nearly a decade and automatic tabs to spaces in all scenarios (shifting multiple rows, shifting one row, actually pressing tab, etc) STILL is unsolved. Blargh.

‪It's 2018 and I'm still shocked at how many things don't work on mobile web. ‬

Got a huge influx of people wanting to join after making the front page of HN, but dealing with the wave is stressful. Still exciting!

Looking forward to getting my iPhone Xs Max on Friday.

A year later and people still don't know whether to say "iPhone X" or "iPhone Ten"


Headed to a college football game today, in a party bus.

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7 years ago today I was fired (for the first and last time, per FB). At the time I was devastated but relieved — I'd stuck around in a toxic situation for too long. I knew I had a privileged position thanks to my visibility in the PHP community but I wasn't prepared for just how much my life would change.

Three weeks later I had a new job, earning more than double my salary.

They say the best revenge is living well, and I have now done so for longer than I was there. So: achievement unlocked.

Recs on mobile build tools to deploy to app stores? Microsoft app center looks pretty complete

Did lots of learning about Amazon ranking algorithms and Facebook ads this weekend. Pro top: splash big on day 1, and stay consistent.

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Had 30 minutes to kill on my way to work. Stopped at a small creek.

Spent 15 minutes to clean up all the small plastics and bottles that I could. I cant pick up the burnt out fridge :(

At least the water isn't too polluted. The algae and small minnows are nice :)

After almost 10 years of mobile development, here's my goto strategy for 95% of businesses: use native web view wrappers and a SPA to provide your functionality on ios, Android, and web. When you're big enough to have dedicated ios and Android teams, then go 100% native.

Hiring and developers in Austin, TX if anyone knows anyone! Boosts appreciated.

Is it bad that I've been wanting to write more prose than code lately?

Going to do some research about instructions and cost for setting up and maintaining a mastadon instance.

Never, ever start a question with "Can you just..." when asking someone to do something. It's belittling and shows your ignorance to how difficult doing something might be.

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