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I've decided to help convince the president to leave office early, using cannabis. My strategy is to smoke him out. Albeit from a distance. So far the strategy hasn't produced any political outcome, but I'm increasingly optimistic nonetheless.

This is how it turned out in the end. Held together with twine, and a star like a Hungarian King. But it's the most interesting tree we've ever had, and it does fit the year. Happy holidays!

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I feel like someone must have already done this bit but...

A Facebook to Mastodon x-posting bot with a profile that says "I x-post to mastodon, so you'll never miss a good facebook post!" but it never posts anything.

This year we decided to cut down our own tree. Like everything else about 2020, it didn't turn out exactly as we had planned.

This pandemic has brought a lot of changes, and some of them have been quite hard. My immediate family has immune health issues, so we've stayed at home and quarantined ourselves in his house now for months.

But we are all together and all healthy. Our family life is much closer now that we have nowhere else to go, and no one else to be with.

Being an introvert, I used to feel vaguely guilty for sitting around at home and not going out and socializing. But now it somehow seems like a virtue.

PS1="\n\e[0;1m\d \t \u@\H\e[0m : \e[0;1;7m \w \e[0m\n\$ "

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I find it interesting that allowing an ecosystem to arise in a playground has become synonymous with not taking care of the neighborhood. Why?

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Krusader, KDE's powerful file manager, is 20 years old today . Krusader is ideal for power users, offering advanced searches, total control via keyboard and root mode. The newest version also incorporates inbuilt panel filtering/searching.

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Starting today, you can now preorder the PinePhone UBports Community Edition: a production model #PinePhone preloaded with UBports (Ubuntu Touch), with a custom backplate to match!

PINE64 Store Link:

UBports blog post:

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I've recently switched back to KDE and I can't remember why I ever left?

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