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gal v1.0 rc0 is in final debugging right now. We are talking about rebranding.

@CodingItWrong I was a pretty good SuperCard programmer back in the day. I'm working on a programming language so that's my angle now.

@CodingItWrong I've been having similar thoughts. HyperCard was truly awesome!

@tomasekeli I have to unplug and replug my TV every time I turn it on, because of a problem with the computer. I would gladly give up that feeling of power.

@uliwitness @Miniver I tried ComicCode on their site and underscores didn't work. Love the look, though.

@steveriggins what's your impression of the API. Does it look well designed and easy to use?

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I call on the US to intervene militarily in Ukraine.

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A 1-mile stretch of road is being built in Detroit that can charge electric cars as they drive — if owners install a special receiver

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Instead of sideways, we're now going for double-sideways.

Straight-up in this case is a traditional class structure with methods and inheritance. Sideways means a skeleton class structure with capabilities grouped into modules.

Because it is a lot of work to manually restructure the gal compiler "sideways", and because it's often helpful to see it "straight up", the compiler will now be expected to output the code in both sideways and straight-up formats. The two formats should be functionally equivalent.

@CodingItWrong What do you use instead of VS Code? There are many great options.

@edwardloveall You're saying "when a metric becomes a target, it ceases to be a good metric." I strongly agree with you about focusing on goals. But here's what I'm wondering. If I focus on the goals I'm trying to achieve, how do I keep those goals from becoming target metrics? This is where it's more an art than a science.

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