gal v1.0 rc0 is in final debugging right now. We are talking about rebranding.

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I call on the US to intervene militarily in Ukraine.

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A 1-mile stretch of road is being built in Detroit that can charge electric cars as they drive — if owners install a special receiver

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Instead of sideways, we're now going for double-sideways.

Straight-up in this case is a traditional class structure with methods and inheritance. Sideways means a skeleton class structure with capabilities grouped into modules.

Because it is a lot of work to manually restructure the gal compiler "sideways", and because it's often helpful to see it "straight up", the compiler will now be expected to output the code in both sideways and straight-up formats. The two formats should be functionally equivalent.

We've decided to restructure the gal compiler to make it easier to collaborate.

Currently to add a new output language, you'd have to go into all the atomic language elements and add a function to each one. Many people would have to edit the same files. After the change, you'd create a single file representing the new output language. This will make it much easier to contribute new output languages.

Good plan. Unfortunately, the whole compiler has to be turned inside-out for this to work!

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I'd forgotten about this, one of my favorite XKCD things: graphing the number of search results for phrases like "My IQ is X" for different values of X.

According to first hand accounts posted online which are indexed by google, the typical internet user has an IQ of 147 and a 9 inch penis.

I have just locked myself in the barn for a weeklong personal retreat.

Preparing features for gal version 1.0.1 coming soon.

The gal programming language version 1.0 alpha has been published! This language has been under development since 1987. Today is a big relief.

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💾 Open Source Dharma

Open Source Dharma is a newly proposed open standard & network, whose aim is to encourage the flourishing of a transparent, collaborative, creative, & evolutionary ecosystem of dharma. The Open Source Dharma protocol serves as a radical alternative to Proprietary Dharma by making it easier for new forms of dharma to emerge. We do this by creating and maintaining an open standard that incentivizes permission-less innovation, cross-lineage collaboration, and transparent organization. Think of it as An Internet of Dharma.


I'm counting down to the release of my open source programming language. I'm calling it version -0.1.0 because it is still a negative number. I have no idea if that's mathematically correct or not.

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