Due to the recent incident with DigitalOcean, my sites are now hosted in my house. Long live Vip mobile :)

Friendly reminder: This can happen to you anytime. Please do not use DigitalOcean or any cheap provider without having a backup plan, and actual backups of all data.

Hey, it worked! Left it running over night, in the morning the finished image was waiting for me. Flashed it, flawless.

I think and have done more to combat in Serbia than literally anyone else. Buying a phone? Here, get a free unlimited Deezer subscription for the duration of your contract.

I was bored, so I made my own router, and network dashboard. Based on OpenWrt with php and uhttpd. Accesses data from multiple external APs, LTE modem as uplink, and NVR for two IP cameras. (Still WIP)...

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