Due to the recent incident with DigitalOcean, my sites are now hosted in my house. Long live Vip mobile :)

@milankragujevic so if your website ends up on Reddit for some reason, you'll get a huge phone bill?

@temporal Not really, I'd just get throttled to 2 Mbps after 200 GB. Well, not anymore, since it's against the TOS, so I had to stop doing it or risk a contract cancellation fee due to my breach of the AUP in the contract. So, back to regular hosting, this time in Serbia cause why not...

@milankragujevic I see. Sad to hear that you had to cancel. I hate the "no hosting" provisions that are everywhere, not just in mobile Internet but also regular domestic ISPs. It's pretty much 33% of why Internet is a walled garden these days.

(Other 33% are NATs, and the remaining is the natural imbalance between publishers and consumers.)

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