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Milan Kragujevic

In other news, my ISP has just broken the 100 Mbps barrier. Thank ZTE for Gigabit LAN. Hoping for 150 Mbps by the end of the month if they manage to finish the network upgrades.

For some reason Cron got disabled on my Raspberry Pi and I didn't notice until my TV stopped working because the Cron job that's supposed to generate the playlist for the set top box hasn't run for so long that the URLs changed. It took me some time to debug this...

...Even worse, I was updating my home server from 14.04 to 18.04 and it broke so now I've got to rescue data and reinstall it

I am so grumpy today... 😠 😫 IDK why, but everything is annoying me

I think and have done more to combat in Serbia than literally anyone else. Buying a phone? Here, get a free unlimited Deezer subscription for the duration of your contract.

Yay! I managed to compile Armbian for AMLogic S805 board! 👍

Also I like (NOT) how many Android device vendors release GPL code that doesn't even compile or cannot be run on the device it's supposedly belongs to, often also including the wrong code for the wrong device, not to mention corrupted files... 😠

Compiling a new kernel with some patches for my Android phone. First time :)

I was bored, so I made my own router, and network dashboard. Based on OpenWrt with php and uhttpd. Accesses data from multiple external APs, LTE modem as uplink, and NVR for two IP cameras. (Still WIP)...

Hi all! Since getting suspended on Twitter for being under 13 years old when I created my account in 2010, I've decided to nest here for a while. Looking forward to learnong the way of Mastodon. 🤗