PSA: If Rufus doesn't work for you (can't find ldlinux.sys/other SysLinux files), that's 'cuz they were DDoS'd by someone, and had to move to GH Pages. Use Etcher for now, until they fix the SysLinux download files.

When you write a 50 line Shell script and it works on the first try... :blobcat: (note: I don't usually write shell scripts)

Guess who just became their own WISP :) Long live MikroTik.

Due to the recent incident with DigitalOcean, my sites are now hosted in my house. Long live Vip mobile :)

Friendly reminder: This can happen to you anytime. Please do not use DigitalOcean or any cheap provider without having a backup plan, and actual backups of all data.

I have had... such a morning. Setting up 6 surveillance cameras on my house is absolutely exhausting, especially when you've got no idea what you're doing...

I think OpenVPN may've done something nasty with the ports tho....

needless to say, i did immediately unplug the network cable, then later connected it to a air-gapped router that only my laptop and the server were connected to.

idk how, but someone changed the password on my linux server that's behind 3 NAT Layers (ISP's CGNAT, modem NAT and then router NAT)... Kudos to you, whoever it is, that managed to do that. Now pls don't delete all my stuff plz.

I am so annoyed that Debian with Openbox can't even handle me typing this text at my native typing speed and has to make me wait for its ubffers to fill properly before i can type it out. It took me 10 seconds to write this but took Debian 30s to catch up. Intel N4200 + 4GB RAM + SSD...

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I can't believe I have 20 times faster Internet than I had just a few months ago. (10 Mbps -> 200 Mbps. Upload went up by 60 times from 1 Mbps to 60 Mbps)...

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