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Don't waste the Cambridge Analytica scandal: it's a chance to take control of our data

Excellent article by Scott Ludlam in the @guardian that cuts to the heart of the matter:

“What has been exposed here is not some unforceeable aberration, but an ordinary consequence of what Shoshana Zuboff calls ’surveillance capitalism’“


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Hey! If you're new and reading this, remember that you don't need to bring your old behaviors from birdsite and fb to here.

We enjoy genuine conversation, because we can fit in all the words, finish our train of thoughts.

Get to know your community, and how they behave. See if you find something new and novel.

Telegram vs Signal.

Which one and why?

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"The child will notify the parent when it dies"

"If the parent dies before the child, it has no parent to notify, so it becomes a zombie"

Someone didn't think these terms through when inventing processes

Anybody wanna learn me what the Firefox opt-out thing is about, please?

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About two years ago I left my job at the university and become remote developer.

One thing that I learned is you need a comfortable work place.

Programming on a laptop will (sooner or later) lead to injury, as either your hands will be too high, or your head will be facing down.

So for me good keyboard and/or separate display is a must.

Also: if your city has a co-working place (and you can afford it) it is very beneficial to be there from time to time.

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It's great seeing so many new faces on mastodon.technology at the moment, I'm sure it has a lot to do with and media coverage of more ethical social media alternatives 🙌

Welcome, newcomers!

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Only be proud of your Fedora iff you are talking about your OS. Otherwise go and rethink your life choices.

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If I use GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket, what are the advantages of using a single SSH key vs using one per service?

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Hello Mastodon! I'm a Canadian cartoonist who is very into sci-fi, aliens, and bright colours!

Check out my original work (and if you're into Star Wars But Gay, check out my fancomics) ✌🏾 ✨ 💖


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Parrots are lucky. They have zygodactyl feet. They aren't sexually dimorphic. They never need haircuts. They have 4 different pigment cones instead of our 3 which allows seeing into ultraviolet & the pigments are spaced evenly. They never seem bothered by politics. They can fly.

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Recently moved a lot of my company's repos over to GitLab. Was tired of having a mixed state of some CI/CD for various projects and multiple different 3rd party services to do all of that. So much more organized and having a company-wide standard practice saves a lot of time when you're ready to release. Moving toward a documented development process for internal and external services

Just deleted lastpass and installed keepassxc...wish me luck.

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If you like Mastodon, there are various ways to help the project that don't involve any money. For example, you can help us spread the message of Mastodon on other platforms where you still have accounts. On Twitter, our outreach account is MastodonProject. On Facebook and Instagram, our outreach account is joinmastodon.

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Nice job, ebay. Ask me how I like a product that I haven't recieved yet (and that you KNOW I haven't receieved yet; you have the tracking info!)
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#Mastodon v2.3.2 is out!


🚨 For servers running Docker, this release contains a critical fix for a segmentation fault issue.

Other fixes included.