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The BSDCan 2018 charity auction raised USD$100 (roughly CAD$130), CAD$1510 in cash, and $1844.79 via Paypal, for a total of $3484.79. Some of cash includes proceeds from photos with @HenningBrauer wearing his "I <3 systemd" t-shirt.

All proceeds to The Ottawa Mission

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Slides for Ayaka Koshibe (akoshibe@)'s "Mininet on #OpenBSD - Using rdomains for interactive SDN testing and development" talk at #BSDCan 2018: openbsd.org/papers/bsdcan2018-

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Today I was procrastinating ... err, toying around with authenticator and implemented an OATH-compatible login mode for #OpenBSD – RFC 6238 (TOTP) and RFC 4226 (HOTP). github.com/reyk/login_oath/blo

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Bob Beck's pledge/unveil talk is the "but one more thing!" talk that the BSD community deserves.

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It's exciting to hear Bob Beck and Theo De Raadt (in the audience) explain the new unveil call and the reasonings for behavior and why it has landed the way it is landing.

#BSDCan #OpenBSD

might be the largest Mastodon meetup!

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#BSDCan (Tragedy of #SystemD): Such a large amount of change can cause a knee-jerk reaction.

Abuse isn't cool. Lennart has received death threats.

Contempt isn't cool. Mocking SystemD is equally uncool.

We in the BSDs don't really want to bring an attitude of abuse or contempt.

[Personal note: I've received both death threats and mocking from the BSD community for my involvement in #HardenedBSD. It's refreshing to see this kind of conversation from Benno.]

Once out of beta -- should people want to use the app! -- I will restructure the governance. We will become a co-operative, with positions for PMs, marketing & outreach, security, and grievances up for yearly vote. I have nothing concrete about this yet so let me know your favorite project that works like this so I can learn!

(I also will not be merging code patches until the project is out of beta. There's too much refactoring to do beforehand.)

Announcing the public alpha of Flashbulb, a media-focused Mastodon client for Android:


You can see what I have left before the public beta: gitlab.com/flashbulb/android/m

I will start publishing the apk when ready for the beta, and then to F-Droid soon after.

If you try it please open issues with bugs and dreams: gitlab.com/flashbulb/android/i

(I will not be working on this project for the next 11 days due to travel.)

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Hey Fediverse 👋
If you want a federation as a replacement for GitHub, you can star/comment issues:
- :gitlab: 🔎 cross-server search: gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-c;
- :gitlab: 🍴 cross-server merge requests: gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-c;
- :gitlab: 💬 share events (comments, likes, ...) via activityPub: gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-c;
- :go: 🍴 gogs feration via ActivityPub: github.com/gogs/gogs/issues/44
- :go: 🍴 gitea federated merge-requests: github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issu
- federate users and repos: github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issu

Spent today playing with GitLab and it's not bad! I'd even say it's pretty good!

Looking for developers to alpha test a Mastodon-related project. People who know what to do with a git repo, please. DM me if that's you.

So where are we hosting Free Software code these days?

Looking for something with Git, code browsing, patch management/submission, and bug reports, at a minimum.

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SCOTUS has ruled that workers and unions may not take class action lawsuits against their employers over breaking federal labour laws


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