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Before I go to bed, here's a blog post I wrote a while ago and never published, on names and responsibility in software:


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TIL of @Flashbulb, a media focused Android app for Mastodon + Pixelfed!


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The OpenBSD 6.7 base signify key will be

untrusted comment: openbsd 6.7 base public key

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Oh yeah, it's #IDAD (International Day Against DRM) again today.

I don't like DRM.

There - I said it. See you all next year.👍

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Yesterday I blogged about how I’m starting to post the links I previously posted on @indie / the Ind.ie site to my own site (and on here.)

Also I wrote a couple of reasons why… including how often my work is attributed to @aral


Free Software politics, I suppose 

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Hi! I made this goose emojo set for the fediverse to enjoy. :grape_heart:

:goose_silly: :goose_peek: :goose_hacker: :goose_flap:

patreon.com/flan_foundry also has download packs in 200x200 and 500x500 sizes for use outside Fedi under a CC-BY-NC-SA license (or to ease addition to your emoji set). Attribution appreciated. Enjoy!

on people praising our dystopia built by Boston Dynamics 

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the idea of “programming is practical and will help you get a job!” is reaaaaally getting in the way of “programming is strange and beautiful and will help you understand the world”

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Project Jortage (attn: instance admins) :boost_ok: 

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For those of you under 30: are you aware of the free software (as in GNU) vs. open source (as in OSI) debate?

Please RT for visibility, I think my immediate circle is mostly older people 😆

A fundamental flaw of the Web is that the browsers accepted liberally but the servers did not send conservatively.

markterm, rust 

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markterm, mutt 

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I made a thing: markterm 

Just distributing the signify key I'll use for signing tarballs.

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untrusted comment: Mike Burns genesis public key

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