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Coming back to after over a year mostly away from it. WOW consistency and strong conventions across a community is _so_ great! I miss my types though.

Finally had enough of things failing because devs don't check their return values, wrote two blog posts about it:


> design the user experience to include error messages in a helpful manner


> This covers the synchronous errors, but now we have a background job that is about to make a network request. As the comic says, “oh no!”

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Before I go to bed, here's a blog post I wrote a while ago and never published, on names and responsibility in software:


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TIL of @Flashbulb, a media focused Android app for Mastodon + Pixelfed!


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The OpenBSD 6.7 base signify key will be

untrusted comment: openbsd 6.7 base public key

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Oh yeah, it's #IDAD (International Day Against DRM) again today.

I don't like DRM.

There - I said it. See you all next year.👍

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i want computers to be as magical as their promises

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Yesterday I blogged about how I’m starting to post the links I previously posted on @indie / the Ind.ie site to my own site (and on here.)

Also I wrote a couple of reasons why… including how often my work is attributed to @aral


Free Software politics, I suppose 

Ripgrep is pretty fast! The color configuration language is totally OK, too.

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Hi! I made this goose emojo set for the fediverse to enjoy. :grape_heart:

:goose_silly: :goose_peek: :goose_hacker: :goose_flap:

patreon.com/flan_foundry also has download packs in 200x200 and 500x500 sizes for use outside Fedi under a CC-BY-NC-SA license (or to ease addition to your emoji set). Attribution appreciated. Enjoy!

on people praising our dystopia built by Boston Dynamics 

Referring to robots from Boston Dynamics as "our future robot overlords" always comes off as callous and flippant when you know that they build military robots.

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the idea of “programming is practical and will help you get a job!” is reaaaaally getting in the way of “programming is strange and beautiful and will help you understand the world”

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Project Jortage (attn: instance admins) :boost_ok: 

last week I started Project Jortage, a collaboratively paid for S3-compatible media storage solution for fediverse instances

instances can join the pool for free, optionally donating to our OpenCollective. Jortage primarily offers cross-instance media deduplication which is a huge gain for Mastodon instances that indiscriminately copy all media

current members include sleeping.town, glaceon.social, toot.cat, donphan.social, cryptid.industries, and a smattering of personal instances

learn more: jortage.com
join by emailing hello@jortage.com or DMing me; I'll walk you through migrating from your current media storage

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For those of you under 30: are you aware of the free software (as in GNU) vs. open source (as in OSI) debate?

Please RT for visibility, I think my immediate circle is mostly older people 😆

A fundamental flaw of the Web is that the browsers accepted liberally but the servers did not send conservatively.

markterm, rust 

Also this was my first time successfully using Rust. It was fine. Had to turn off colors in cargo, and the error messages are much too wide for a terminal, and the docs all seem to be in HTML instead of mandoc, but such is life in the fast lane I suppose.

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markterm, mutt 

I wrote this so I could hook it into mutt via auto_view and mailcap, but mutt's builtin pager can't handle all the terminal escape codes I used!

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