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Accessibility isn't just for "disabled" people.

Accessibility benefits EVERYONE, from the people who are severely impacted to those who find the extra options convenient, and everyone in between.

THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE to making your stuff more accessible.

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If you're in NYC and want to learn the command line, come take my class! It's beginner/intro-level, no experience is a plus. eventbrite.com/e/intro-to-comm

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So @AFresh1 did the great bots on birbsite that tweet each commit*. I hacked his perl and glued it with some python and here we are, it toots!
@openbsd_ports @openbsd_xenocara @openbsd_src @openbsd_www @openbsd_stable

*it also tweets about newer sets but I haven't written this feature yet so
@openbsd_sets is silent for now #OpenBSD

There's a bit of comedy with the @Flashbulb account: Flashbulb users can only see posts with media attachments, so I need to make sure that all posts have media attachments -- even TODO lists and announcements of non-visible bug fixes.

Maybe I should have a collection of cat pictures ready just for this occasion.

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The first week of our #openbsd manpage-reading starts on Monday, in two days - join us!

The manpages for this week are:

* Monday: afterboot(8)
* Tuesday: syspatch(8)
* Wednesday: intro(8)
* Thursday: security(8)

Grab your favorite medium (you can even print them out, it's fun!), read through it, tell us what you learned by using #manpagedaily afterwards!

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New Flashbulb release: 20180915.001.

- Bugfix: only hide sensitive images if they are still in memory.
- Hide keyboard after reporting a status.

That bugfix fixes a crash so we strongly recommend upgrading!


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The first beta of Flashbulb - an Android media app for Mastodon - is now public. Boost selfies, fav doggos, and post birbs with ease and convenience.

Let us know about all bugs, from "uh it doesn't work" to "wow it's impressive how much this doesn't work"!

Try it now: flashbulb.app/

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Mastalab crashed and gave me the option of emailing a report. Even though it was a trivial problem I sent the email.

I just got a reply, half an hour later, saying it's fixed. 💛

My delight and surprise made me realize Google/birdsite/whatever had trained me out of reporting problems, by never responding or fixing anything.

The fediverse is different. You're much closer to humans who care about these things and are able to actually do stuff. It's worth reporting users, bugs, crashes.

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Welcome again everyone who joined us at ruby.social over the weekend!

Please do introduce yourself and tag it with #introductions -- I'll boost it and help other Rubyists find you.

#ruby #community #matztodon

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