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Just one person for #followfriday today: @Are0h, whose voice I always appreciate in the fediverse even (especially) when saying things that push me out of my privileged comfort zone. Also just a very kind individual!

Plus they recently converted from Mongodb to Postgres so they're clearly heading down the right technical path ;)

Not everyday that I hit both "block" and "hide entire domain"!

For a good time, run pkg_add -u while Firefox is loaded.

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this is getting out of hand. don't you idiots know of the "apropos" command ?
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Racket has serialize-lambda so you can serialize clojures and send them across the wire


Stop having everything, Racket

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@Gigaa @rysiek You can charge money for software under the GPL.

Just registered for . See you all in Ottawa!

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In case you missed it, registration for BSDCan 2018 has opened.


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"NeoPG uses formal grammars even for parsing trivial data structures, down to individual bytes. This article explains why. "

Great read. #LangSec #InfoSec

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okay but what if DNS changes _didn't_ take so long to propogate

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@kristapsdz Just smile at everyone around, and it'll be fine. Smiling is fashionable here 🙃

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So learnbchs.org (BCHS: BSD, C, httpd, SQLite web app stack) has gotten a bit of a "nerd chic" make-over. Any constructive criticism? #bchs #openbsd

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So, there's been more and more talk in tech circles I follow about going back to RSS.

Honestly, I never gave it up. I read a lot of webcomics, and RSS is the best way to keep up with them.

But yes, RSS is awesome, and there's plenty of non-Google Reader options for services and apps. I like Feedbin, but it's a paid service. The Old Reader is good and free.

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experiments so much that I can't tell whether a patch to add colors to route(8) or a commit that removes IPv4 is an April Fools' joke or an actual change.

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#OpenBSD first operating system to wave goodbye at IPv4: it's finally time to focus on IPv6. Maintenance of IPv4 has taken up resources for too long, the co-existence of both leads to complexities with inherent security issues.

I'm for one am glad to be on such a cutting edge operating system.


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I'd like to read some beautiful apps. Anyone have a favorite?

(Kotlin preferred but open to any.)