Immersive Labs had a fun little segment that aired on BBC News recently; a couple of our people showing Bristol shoppers how weak their passwords are:

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Software developers love helping people. Their instinct is to build that hotly anticipated feature as fast as possible. So how can you be pragmatic about being pragmatic?

@jle It's good so far. I plan on switching to it full time when extension support and reader mode arrive 🦊

@welshpixie Your card number is quite visible in this picture - perhaps remove it or replace it if possible?

(Great night sky shot by the way!)

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"Good Code Reviews, Better Code Reviews" by Gergely Orosz is a good read that offers practical tips for improving the code review process in your organisation. Empathy and flexibility go a long way!

@protonmail This is great! Will there be blog posts on the redesign and the migration to React? I'd find them really interesting.

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"An HTML Element Potentially Worth $18M to Indiegogo Campaigns"

Adrian Roselli follows up Jason Grigsby's recent "An HTML attribute potentially worth $4.4M" with another simple fix that could've saved $millions, this time <label> for form accessibility:

How does machine learning actually work? Google has produced a fun comic intro to its concepts: “Learning Machine Learning”

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About a quarter of the page visible on load and four clicks to clear out the banners. What is this nonsense.

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This post resonates strongly. I, for one, have a low motivation for replacing Google Calendar as my main calendar app but I've given up using their search in favor of DuckDuckGo. I still use Facebook and Instagram a little but I've quit Twitter. Small things help.

You don't have to quit cold turkey on every "Big Bad Tech" today to help the Internet. Just like you don't have to go full vegan diet to help the environment. Explore the alternatives and do as much as you can.

@carlesjove Since 2017 ThinkPads have been my go-to recommendation:

Linux performance even on older models is fantastic. They make great dev machines.

Thanks for the shout out, @kev! @ernmander, you can't go wrong with a used ThinkPad IMO - you can find one to suit virtually any budget and they're built to last

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programmers conventionally use loop variables named "i" and "j" which stand for "index" and "jndex"

@kev hmm, opened 5 months ago and closed by Nextcloud 2 months ago doesn't suggest an imminent fix. Maybe I'll need to change reader.

@kev same thing with that URL. Reader is Nextcloud News

@kev I'm dabbling with RSS now myself but I'm having trouble adding your blog to my feed - any idea why my reader might not like it?

@kev I'd better get cracking on the next post, then!

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