I like @Fairphone's approach to smartphones - modular, user-repairable phones you can get replacement parts and upgraded components for instead of replacing the whole thing. Much less waste and an ethical supply chain! I'll check out what they're offering next time I'm due an upgrade 📱

@mikebabb @Fairphone I just wish that they would release both the 3 or 3+ without Gapps. Plain and simple. Currently they rely on 3rd party stuff /e/ with dodgy microG or LineageOS (great once supported but no locked bootloader). FF2 used to have the open OS which offered just this. If they fix this I'd buy one tomorrow.

@gruff I'm guessing that would be a lot more software maintenance for them and possibly not the best use of resources - I think I saw 5 years of support mentioned in a blog post somewhere. Providing that is a lot easier if they just ship a lightly modified AOSP. Anyone privacy-minded enough to want to de-Google the phone will likely turn to those projects anyway and flash a custom ROM.

@mikebabb Indeed, I build my own LineageOS for my Samsung S5, circa 2015 vintage and running Pie. :)

But, I feel that there is a huge market for the non-tech savvy who would pay for a plain vanilla FF3, just to remove themselves from the Facebook/Google duopoly.

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