Runners, what's your app of choice for tracking runs?

@mikebabb I use Runtastic. But I have to say I try not to use too much of the "social" etc features - I basically just want it to tell me how much did I run and for how long, maybe look at the pace. I do not run regularly now in winter (and only when I have time during other seasons, maybe once or twice a week). I have a feeling if I took on something that tried to "engage" me too much, I would just quit from all the noise. But Runtastic - the way I use it - is quite quiet.

@zladuric Yeah, the "social" aspects don't appeal to me at all. I'm tracking this stuff for me, not to broadcast it! In the end I've been trying out Google Fit, as it was already installed on my Pixel and auto-tracks walking, cycling, and running which is quite useful.

What does that look like? Are you happy with it? What data can you get out of it - not like export it, just, what can you read from a run?
FWIW here's one of my latest runs in runtastic?


@zladuric That's really good, Google Fit is nowhere near as detailed as that! It seems to be geared more around encouragement to hit the World Health Organisation's recommended activity levels each week by abstracting activity in to "heart points" and "move minutes" each day, but it does provide a map of each activity like you've pictured, and lists distances, average speed, number of steps, calories burned etc which is all I wanted to track for running.

@zladuric If I need more detailed data than that, I could always export my data using Google Takeout and import it in to a dedicated running app like Runtastic but at the moment it's tracking time, speed, and distance which is all I really wanted to begin with.

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