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take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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For one brief shining moment in the 1980s-1990s, it seemed like we the people would own and control our own computing infrastructure.

That we wouldn't ever after need permission from opaque central authorities to process data, send messages, create devices, teach machines ideas. No corporations or governments could put themselves between us and the data bits in our machines. We would be free to think.

That moment is rapidly slipping into a history that feels ridiculously over-optimistic.

Developer parents, I have found the baby clothing brand for you:

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I feel like adding something like this to all of the websites I have control over:

"It looks like you're NOT using an ad blocker; you really should and here are some links…"

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Underrun is a fantastic little WebGL shooter in just 13 KB of code and assets 😱 You can play it at phoboslab.org/underrun/ and read a "making of" article at phoboslab.org/log/2018/09/unde.

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Tip to new Mastonians: Change your profile picture, write a few words about you AND post a couple of toots BEFORE you start following people!

Otherwise, people you'd follow would only see an empty account and would have no reason to follow back... :/

#GoMastodon #Fediverse #DecentralizeAll #ScuttlebuttsForTheMassesIsMaybeTheNextStep :)

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Meanwhile, over at Firefox, somebody knows how to motivate:
“Microsoft has added support for WebP in the Edge 18 Preview Release.”

PIA has had to remove the ad/malware/tracker blocking MACE feature from the Play Store version of their Android app.

They've confirmed MACE will continue to be available in the direct download version on their website: privateinternetaccess.com/inst

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This was a good read. I am a user of ProtonMail and I truly view it as a viable alternative to Gmail or any other provider. TL;DR switch to ProtonMail if you care about privacy.


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you know what would be nice? if I could just set my computer/tv to a certain decibel level and it just maintained that regardless of what i was watching instead of me having to constantly adjust the volume. that would be stellar

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I got this banana phone as a joke but it turns out it's the best Bluetooth headset I've ever used.

Help, I'm managing an international consulting firm via banana.

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Variable fonts are one of the coolest innovations in web typography, and they're now supported in all major browsers! They offer designers huge amounts of flexibility without bogging down pages with megabytes of font files.

Mozilla posted a brief intro to variable fonts at hacks.mozilla.org/2018/09/vari and you can see some in action at v-fonts.com/

Firefox Focus is about to swap over to the new GeckoView rendering engine. Hopefully Firefox for Android will follow shortly after 🦊


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Noticed that Battery Saving mode was enabled on my Pixel 2 last night, which was weird because I'd just charged it up. Turns out I hadn't switched it on accidentally. Google had switched it on remotely 😒


Sorry to see Inbox getting shuttered - I really liked the task-based "inbox-zero" approach it takes to managing email:


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Article 12a: No posting your own photos or videos of sports matches. You are the audience, your job is to sit where you're told, passively watch the game, and go home. (4/6)

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