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Rust is exploring ideas that allow it to generalise over effects, so you don't need foo and foo_async.

It's an unusual name, and potentially complicates error messages, but it's good problem to examine.

The brown word, humour 

Shared with the kids to explain why we were cackling about shiitake mushrooms


“Labor feels a little too stuck in the arguments of old about coal mining; you would think there is a more positive case to be made about how it is achieving that end without a ban on new mines.”

WTAF does that mean? A more positive case. Jesus.

FROM: Nancy Pelosi

SUBJECT: Unbelievable


I'm speechless right now. My plane has been shot down by a Chengdu J-20 over the South China Sea, and I'm currently in an uncontrolled decent.

For just $15, you can help us fight back. Make your donation now at

“This means that developers will now be able to place ads on the product pages for other apps.”

Projected iPhone sales must’ve tanked.

that has to happen when you don't pay enough cut from your AppStore sales! the platform has to be sustainable.

ads. ads everywhere.

Hung some blinds. Last time I did that was 15 years ago & it is still just as much fun to do (not much fun). Something about measuring out my life in coffee spoons… something.

Companies that make you call to cancel a subscription you started using a web form. Grrrr.

Still, always fun to hear what I get offered when I leave. Same again for half price? A few months free to tide you over? If you’d offered me any of this before we mightn’t be having this chat now.

August: partly cloudy with a 60% chance of war with China

spaghetti is a lasagnoid in the category of pastofunctors

Enjoyed Mob City. 2013, they never made a 2nd season. Bummer.

Today’s adventures in

Poked around for a week & I’ve got to the I *think* everything I need is here stage. Thought it might be.

Autoload singleton-pattern-like objects… made me laugh. Globals. Those are globals. Ah whatever, it works.

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