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Sunday morning scripting the setup & tear down if some EC2s & an NLB for the Minecraft extravaganza.

Motivation was to get a world where the littler guys wouldn’t fight with their older brothers. Took it for a spin Thursday. The littler guys launched right into killing each other first thing. Sigh.


Hm. The link being expanded out under the content warning is not the intention…

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I’m something of an Auspol tragic.

But on Friday I was talking about start dates for a job & we’d all of us forgotten about the election. Not just that it wasn’t front of mind, but genuinely surprised when someone else mentioned it.

It has been a very lacklustre affair.


“Right now we are not painting a picture of what we might do in government after the election.”

Sussan Ley, politician in an election campaign

I want something like ansible (chef, puppet etc), but written in javascript/typescript. I don’t want to have to add Ruby or Python to the mix… I suppose the aws cli’s already there (Python, sigh)…

(Thinking out loud.)

Family Minecraft server is go (plus nat box, jump box, & nlb… I may have overengineered it 😏)

Got told I had to go back to working in the office. So I said bye bye.

Guess I better look for some remote work now. (I may be doing this in the wrong order.)

Apple’s getting rid of apps that have “not been downloaded at all or extremely few times during a rolling 12 month period” – that’s any app I’ve ever even planned on making.

Threw a Minecraft java server together in docker on my desktop. Was much easier than I thought it’d be. A dozen lines in a dockerfile.

If I have the time tonight I’ll put something similar up in a VPC for the kids. If I remember to turn the ec2 off when it’s not in use (read script that) that should be pretty cheap.

As a bonus I now also know what corretto & cilantro are. But chances are I’ll forget both. 😀

“it's really just Chrome and their Edge lackeys/hostages that are enthusiastic about it”

Lolz from comments on GitHub issues

Metatext doesn’t have drafts & does this with emojis in display names. Hmph.


The Australian government’s reaction to the Solomon Islands doing what’s in its own interests rather than theirs is a wonder to behold.

Ha, the urban dictionary trash site has scraped copies. The bottom feeder’s bottom feeders. Next it’ll be w3schools.

Upgraded Ubuntu 21.10 to 22.04 - it uninstalled krita & installed Firefox, weird, but otherwise everything seemed to work as expected.

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