Doesn’t seem to be windows. Not in the same way at least.

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Updated ubuntu to 22.04 & now I often have no wifi on startup. There was a dual boot problem with network adaptors with 21.10, but that was a windows problem not a linux one, & I haven't been in windows for ages... I think that's all I had to do last time.


Day job: has been / , though I seem to be going through a phase right now

By night: historical

Also dabble in backyard , , & toy (but man does my soldering suck). I know too much about . I can’t watch enough , , & . Fascinated by of all kinds.

My blog:
A side project:


Have a brand new kitten, got him from the pound yesterday. Seven weeks old. Extremely cute.

Haven't been cat adjacent in a looooong time. Changing my avatar back in celebration.

Had to google my personal github account, that's how rusty I've got with my side projects.

There are now four other Kreuzers on there & I'm the least prolific one. 🙂

Partial rewrite in typescript done - I have thoughts, positive ones! Will blog about it when they're a bit more fully formed.

Need to re-add the lambda/s3 stuff & then write the site this plugs into, tonight maybe, maybe next weekend.

Rewrote a thing in typescript. Was easier than I thought. Was surprised node-fetch actually wants a string not a URL, but otherwise more or less what I expected.

Not sure if I should be testing the js or the ts… can see arguments both ways. Will leave the existing (still pass) js tests alone for now.

Reading up on the reason/rescript split, was vaguely interested a few years back but never got past the docs

One to add to any way

Binged 4 seasons of Black Sails. Now I want to be a pirate when I grow up. 🏴‍☠️


“It is cruel and reprehensible that such a sensitive matter, with the potential to cause grievous harm to vulnerable people, has been planted in the middle of an election campaign by a flailing, floundering prime minister.”

Spent two days trying to work out why some certs weren’t getting made. Seems someone at AWS has decided to rename some functions. Sure. Why not.

Maybe I need to move to typescript.

Not wanting to spend my evenings tuning sidekiq or reading the internet to moderate it… I would make a terrible mastodon admin. Hats off to those of you doing it though. Thank you.

Mast – long pauses, doesn’t seem to locally cache stuff.

Mastodon – just home, no local or federated timelines?

Metatext – doesn’t cover links with context warnings, no drafts.

Toot – I had a DM waiting for me since 2nd May & this is the only app that showed it. Goddamnit. (And sorry for ignoring you.) But man that UI is twee.

Tootle – So. Many. Buttons. Image cropping is wonky, no previews on links.

Going to keep cycling through the apps till I find one that doesn’t get in the way.

Muted my first crypto account here, that’s a milestone.

(Crypto as in scam environment destroying “currency”.)

I see most everything to do with space through rose coloured glasses, but the scams & grifts are piling up fast. Hopefully not one of those I guess.

Musk & Twitter 

Text after the link does nothing (on Metatext).

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