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"Warning if you have deployed a bucket with autoDeleteObjects: true, switching this to false in a CDK version before 1.126.0 will lead to all objects in the bucket being deleted."


Last node 12 lambda function (to auto-delete objects in an s3 bucket) was created by an up to date version of the cdk *yesterday*, so redeploying does nada.

Oh well, back to godot...

Get an aws alert that some of my lambda scripts are using node 12 & it's way past end of life time for node 12 baby, smarten up your act.

OK weird, I deployed all those scripts using AWS's CDK & they all say lambda.Runtime.NODEJS_16_X, I'll take a look.

*drumroll* Seems CDK downgraded to 12 because not all regions even support(ed?) 14, & all the scripts it tacks on by itself to handle certs & whatever else, yep, all node 12.

Ah, another day in the cloud.

We Are OFK – not my sort of thing, but an interesting choose your own adventure sort of game/tv/album crossover. Yellow submarine, but about texting. Maybe.

Finally got around to setting up restic, backing up to an s3 bucket.

Will probably still slot a NAS in between my desktop & Jeff Bezos’ at some point, but that can wait a bit.

Reinstalling libssl 1.1.1 to make unreal work killed keypassxc... ok fine, but removing the old ssl lib meant keypass now cared deeply about not loving weyland when it wasn't much bothered about it before. Because reasons.

(libssl 1.1.1 gone, xcb env flags passed to keypass... and it's all kind of like it was before, just ever more fragile.)

In the deep, in the dark, an ancient evil stirs awake

Or just people, potato, pohtahtoh

My latest kink: getting up early enough to read the headlines written by the night shift subeditor, or maybe how they come down the wire, but in time to see them all get changed by the day shift guy who obviously shares different aesthetic sensibilities.

Adventures in

A new instance of a class attached to something is just the class by its lonesome. To get all the bumpf set in the inspector, load the PackedScene & call Instance() on that, not new. (I think Unity works on new, but I might be remembering that wrong.)

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