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advice for today don't ask Alexa to speak 100 is in welsh

this Reddit post did make me chuckle, it's spot on..

"so that laptop I've been moaning is unusable and pushing for an upgrade, turns out it might be useful at home.."

in the ultimate technology makes us lazy scenario, I'm sat in a pub, and used an app to order drinks from the bar.. the bar is 4 meters away...

so the Microsoft employees don't want to be "war profiteers" that's fine, if the could all relinquish access to the internet, GPS, mobile phones, mobile internet access... (the list goes on of technology funded by the military) then we can all get on with real life..

A life free of vices may last longer, but can it really be called living?

The Fold reminds me of the old Nokia Communicator days. Looks like chunky is back in fashion.

so the nearly $2k Samsung Fold.. certainly makes that overpriced iPhone look a steal now...

I get the idea, I'm all for early adoption, that however is tin foil hat wearing fan it status right there...

had a guy on a phone interview tell me Ansible, Jenkins and Puppet were on his resume because without them he wasn't getting interviews, he had never actually used them but everyone pads a little right?

he applied for a DevOps role with 3 requirements.. Ansible, Jenkins and Puppet.

this was all snow a couple of weeks ago and it would have been dark at 17:30 fast forward a fortnight and we have daylight leaving the office and this amazing sky

so 3 Moscow mules in, triple vodka based and Star Trek Discovery on TV..

so while windows 10 "can" run on a raspberry pi 3, I wouldn't bother unless you are looking to slow down or patience train.

to be honest Microsoft never designed it to and 1gb ram and even a reasonably fast sd card really don't provide what's needed grunt wise.

what this does prove however is it's at least possible, which itself leads to many possibilities should either company wish to go down the route of a sub £50 windows device..

just not today 😀

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