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anyone using Jenkins Operations Console?

I need a method of better managing our sprawling Jenkins Estate

I was in Thailand last year, and my in-laws (Thai) took me to a temple near Aytthaya.

I was greeted by this...

well we finally got some snow 😀 I can find something else to bleat about now 😀

this article annoys me:

BBC News: Regulate social media to protect children, MPs urge.

1) you need to be over 13 to sign up for Facebook, start monitoring that before you regulate.

2) I just checked with my 14 and 16 year old nephews, they have never had a lesson about social media in any form at school.

3) wtf was that poor girl subscribed to to get self harm content? That's either other kids which is not a social media issue it's a social one

Thursday, still no snow...

8pm tonight I'm told 😀

Docker running on my HP Chromebook X2, Now hoping ChromeOS72 let's the Linux Crostini container see my SD card and I'm in business..
Got Jenkins, Gitlab, Postio, Nextcloud running on Docker on a Chromebook and ram to spare VSCode working this is computing

So every UK news agency predicted a complete 10 inches of snow over most of the UK todat
What happened?
Squat in Hampshire..

This is also how news in general works, multiple outlets regurgitation of a few feeds
It's no damned surprise we all resort to our social bubbles

the news weather tells me 10" of snow due today, the newspapers tell me 10" of snow due today and the radio tells me 10" of snow due today..

doesn't matter how many media outlets you get your information from if they are just quoting the same source..

As an extension of my last post, we were in New Brunswick, Canada last year visiting family and the last night there we were out in the garden, a place devoid of light pollution.

now that was amazing, watching Satellites, seeing the milky way, I've never seen so many stars in the night sky so clearly...

right there I knew how I wanted to retire, porch, chair, glass of rum and that sky.. I'd never get bored of that..

I'm stood at the window, I can see the moon, it's a clear morning with that deep sunrise blue sky. to the left of the moon is a very bright star, I'm inquisitive I install skymap on my phone and it's not a star it's either Jupiter or Venus..

There is something still very humbling about looking up into the sky and knowing that's all out there..

seeing Hermes is delivering your Amazon delivery at the weekend and knowing "I'm not seeing this till Wednesday"

TechTip: if you are using Signal on a Chromebook, and you have Crostini.. Install the Linux Desktop version.. (deb file)

So I guess it's time to get the extended family thinking about not using WhatsApp again, if the holy Trinity of big data collection is about to be even more intertwined let's see if we can unlock people off WhatsApp onto something else!? Question is what? Signal? Telegram? Needs to be almost a brand-name, easy to use, back to Viber?

1 in 20 Brits say the Holocaust didn't happen, even with the overwhelming amount of official documents, photography, first hand accounts from survivors and Nazi soldiers there are still people out there so boneheaded to want to follow a line of thinking like this stuns and saddens me. I understand the collective need for conspiracy theories, did we land on the moon, who shot JFK. But this?

Just finished watching Bohemian Rhapsody, I'm old enough to have had Queen in my formative years and remember watching Live Aid and all I can say is the last 20 minutes need the volume set to high on the 7.1 surround sound, and appreciate just what an amazing band Queen were and how those music has lived on for over 40 years... Whoever directed that live aid set did an amazing job..

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