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good morning, it's nice to have something other than dark and grey skies to see in the morning..

I'm wondering how UK trains update Thier WiFi captive portal certs..

the joy of explicitly saying "no agencies" on LinkedIn and then having 39 recruitment agents trying to connect to your account..

People, the answers in the text..

then the one you do communicate with sends you. a SAN engineer, a Data Centre guy and a marketing person..

when asked, did you actually read the job spec find the account gone dead 5 minutes later..

UK based, looking for a challenge or a new year change? Fancy working at the UKs #1 Cloud company.. message me if you have questions


Junior Infrastructure IT

Senior IT Security Administration

the l no is to a video I just took outside the station.. now I know some of you come from countries that do snow properly.. I'm British, this is enough for 90% of the country to work from home tomorrow and the entire rail system to grind to a halt.. 😀

so the rare earth magnet turned up today, that fact I bought it on Amazon makes me think it's not that rare 😀.

I used it successfully to find the studs behind some plasterboard so I can mount my TV on the bedroom wall.

no I'm wondering what else I can do with it

Nutella Pie 😀 because someone positive needs to come out of a Monday

so the D on my Chromebook keyboar appears to be intermittent :-) oh ear?

Years after buying it and putting strange distros on it turns out Raspian with VNC connect gives me an amazing little jump box from the outside world and works well from my Chromebook as well..

Re-toot if you remember when the default webpage color was grey and you had to overwrite that if you wanted a white page.

just bought a rare earth magnet so I can find the wall studs in the bedroom and mount a TV..

Damn, Sunday and I've written up all the job descriptions I'm recruiting for (UK based Automation DevOps roles and a UK based junior technical role if you want to know more DM me) the teams Objectives and Goals for this Q and my to-do.list for the week..

doing this now hopefully means I can sleep tonight without my brain going into active mode..

one of the better lists of software The Best Open Source Software in 2018 (Users’ Choice).

out of the flames of destruction this week a project was delivered..

it snowed yesterday for about 15 minutes then stopped.. message ends

trust no one, even the simplest of tasks need checking, this is the moral of yesterday..

just walked past the park outside the houses of parliament (UK) it's remainer pro EU down there tonight, leave or stay I think even our political heads must realise the games up right now?

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