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loving Jenkins pipelines, got all my homeland Cron jobs converted to Jenkins pipelines now, get far better understanding of what's going on centrally managed.

Check out this photo by David Field:
Take and discover photos on EyeEm. For iPhone and Android.

so I've got my Chromebook setup with Docker, Jenkins, Gitlab, git, VSCode, letsEncrypt, Ansible, terraform, cockpit and Powershell for Linux all running locally.. as well as nautilus, evolution and signal as apps...

still a few issues like chmod/chosen on SD card mounts

however I've got a mobile devops setup in Crostini..

what I can't do with a blue (green) Hawaiian, I made up for with a "painkiller"

Saturday night, cocktail night.. let's go green

was supposed to be a Blue Hawaiian

advice for today don't ask Alexa to speak 100 is in welsh

this Reddit post did make me chuckle, it's spot on..

"so that laptop I've been moaning is unusable and pushing for an upgrade, turns out it might be useful at home.."

@xinayder I don't have a preference was wondering why tutanota and not protonmail?

both seem to have pretty awful looking android apps and web interfaces 😀

@mynamesleon so your telling me GPS was developed for communication over weapons guidance? sorry it's not over simplified, most internet tech indeed the internet itself wouldn't be here without the military funding..

this is just the latest "offended on behalf of" story and just wait till they all start moaning because they get laid off due to lack of funding..

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