if you have a group of ideas people should people with left or right wing views be excluded because they have life views that offend you? isn't the act of exclusion what causes these views to start?

are we not equipped to listen to, and hear alternative views even if we don't agree with them?

Doesn't closing our ears, and not understanding a viewpoint cause more problems?

fatal mistake, the sun was out, didn't think I needed a jacket, it's 7:30am, April in the UK..


@lotus42 while they are absolutely terrible keyboards.. I would suggest the worst keyboard ever was actually the rubber keyboard that came with the Sinclair zx81 😀

@lotus42 let's be honest, those exact same things break HI (human intelligence). on a two hour drive yesterday I witnessed such appalling motorway driving, abrupt lane changes, hit animals, a guy who almost 4x4 the exit off the motorway, and this is an environment which needs "drive, at a constant speed and pay attention to what's around you"

the problem with self driving cars isn't the self driving bit, it's the humans around it 😀 sure I'd agree it's a while off, but not that far..

watched Captain Marvel last night, pretty evident since Thor: Ragnarok how Marvel have taken a slight detour on the formula they use to make these movies more inclusive.

amazing soundtrack (I'm an 80s kid)
SFX for Gregg Clack and Samuel L Jackson were good especially the latter, the former had that uncanny valley feeling occasionally
Brie Larson was good, not amazing yeslt, hut good

Amusing line

"my name, is Carol"

stuck using for the family

currently using with the wife (she loves anything encrypted, feels like a covert ops person apparently)

converting the rest of the tribe is nigh on impossible..

i remember it working so much better across devices, did something change?

I've ended up using the Blackberry Hub apps on Android and Chromebook and have to say Blackberry have almost nailed the single interface communication hub for my workflow..

@am1t "I don't like chromes interface" I'm always interested in comments like this, not as a critical thing, more it's got a menu bar, tabs, bookmarks bar and it's customzible, I'm honestly intrigued as to what it is you don't like about the interface?

as for brave, it's not bad to be honest, it's a bit quicker, it claims it's more private and provides stats to show you how.. not sure the same thing can't be done with 3 or 4 plugins in Chrome/Firefox however that is not the point I guess

in my continued search for a decent mail app, something very personal.. I'd gone back to Newton,however was finding for its benefits of a single login presenting the presetup accounts, it wasn't carrying read/unread settings across platforms.. (bug raised)

last night someone suggested Blackberry Hub+ and I'm smitten after a day.. amazing, suits my needs perfectly.

shame it doesn't work (no device admin) on Chrome OS..

I will fix...

Having attended the at the this week it struck me how ironic that a hobby which your eyes are so important so few people were able to look where they were going on the show floor.

there was more OCD and introverted behaviour going on at this show than ant IT trade show I've attended...

so yet again Google appear to be fragmenting themselves by building a desktop style android interface into

why? this large format android display failed in tablets and they have a large format desktop interface call Chrome OS which runs Android Apps and runs on Arm processors

who is it at who can't see they have won convergence already they just need to put the puzzle together..

so having tried the top 5 recommended Podcast apps on the play store I'm convinced the moaning about is bandwagon moaning.. by edge cases who are the reason things don't move forward..

pocket casts is still for me the best podcast app in Android

off to the today, camera packed, batteries charged, waterproof jacket ready..

@mdszy yes it's annoying however there is a reason which boils down to Authorisation Vs Authentication.

there's a good (bit long) article which covers why this annoyance happens here:

“Authentication vs Authorization” by Anum Siddiqui link.medium.com/4AKcZe4r4U

not tried this yet.. good to see happening, of course would be nirvana to plug my android phone into a monitor and get a Chrome OS desktop with my android apps and Crostini apps..


spent the evening waiting for a train writing slightly sarcastic but not rude or negative reviews of places like "railway carpark","Waitrose meat aisle" or "clock tower in town centre" that come up on Google maps..

seems my sarcastic tone may have escaped some...

getting replies back 🤔

while I didn't really get bothered by the upgrade, the web interface is on a different design path.. I did however give podcast addict a try, and it's not bad.

this is the problem more than any other the pocket cast Devs have, they are not the only game in town...

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