I'm still not remotely a self-driving car"believer. We're forever away from it being beneficial or resilient.

The $millions of R&D and smart technology can still be easily fooled by super simple modifications to the environment around them. The current technology can be fooled by fake lines, stickers, etc placed on the ground.

I think there's a hyped, fake smartness that often accompanies these products- an implication that it can figure things out. But the unexpected instantly breaks the AI


@lotus42 let's be honest, those exact same things break HI (human intelligence). on a two hour drive yesterday I witnessed such appalling motorway driving, abrupt lane changes, hit animals, a guy who almost 4x4 the exit off the motorway, and this is an environment which needs "drive, at a constant speed and pay attention to what's around you"

the problem with self driving cars isn't the self driving bit, it's the humans around it 😀 sure I'd agree it's a while off, but not that far..

@mightywomble That's fair- but a human can adapt in-the-moment whereas the software will require an update. While humans are terrible drivers, they often can do something terrible and quickly correct from it and avoid the consequence. I feel like self-driving cars, when they fail, will fail without any kind of "compromise" or adaptation in-the-moment to reduce the impact of said failure

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