Does anyone use the Brave browser? I always hear it is just like Chrome, without the ugly parts around privacy and security. That also the reason why I never tried it, I don't like Chrome's interface. But advantages mentioned in the comparisons are pretty strong, if true.


@am1t "I don't like chromes interface" I'm always interested in comments like this, not as a critical thing, more it's got a menu bar, tabs, bookmarks bar and it's customzible, I'm honestly intrigued as to what it is you don't like about the interface?

as for brave, it's not bad to be honest, it's a bit quicker, it claims it's more private and provides stats to show you how.. not sure the same thing can't be done with 3 or 4 plugins in Chrome/Firefox however that is not the point I guess

@mightywomble I think it is just about the overall feel of the app -- it had never looked native to me. Feels like a web app. And it is too bland for my liking.

On brave, if the performance they claim is something they can deliver out of box, it is great. I may give it a try just for that.

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