so the Microsoft employees don't want to be "war profiteers" that's fine, if the could all relinquish access to the internet, GPS, mobile phones, mobile internet access... (the list goes on of technology funded by the military) then we can all get on with real life..

@mightywomble I get your point, but that's over-simplifying it. Not all technologies funded by the military have come into the commercial sphere to be used for non-military purposes. And there's a difference between developing technology which could arguably primarily be used for communication and information, and technology specifically for "increased lethality" such as the HoloLens contract they're protesting.

@mynamesleon so your telling me GPS was developed for communication over weapons guidance? sorry it's not over simplified, most internet tech indeed the internet itself wouldn't be here without the military funding..

this is just the latest "offended on behalf of" story and just wait till they all start moaning because they get laid off due to lack of funding..

@mightywomble that's not what I said at all: merely that there's a difference between such technologies, and the recent Microsoft contract that they're protesting which has a clear purpose to increase people's ability to be lethal.

GPS is an interesting example of course, because from the very beginning it was built as a dual-use system, with free civilian access to the spec. Whereas this HoloLens incident is taking a separate technology, and adapting it for potentially lethal applications.

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