had a guy on a phone interview tell me Ansible, Jenkins and Puppet were on his resume because without them he wasn't getting interviews, he had never actually used them but everyone pads a little right?

he applied for a DevOps role with 3 requirements.. Ansible, Jenkins and Puppet.

@mightywomble Was he willing to learn? The padding part is a bit disturbing though. It's a sneaky way to try to get one's foot in the door when all three things are open source and easy enough to learn them via a VM. Ansible is particularly fun because it's agentless and can be used for just able anything.

@mookie I'm sure he was willing to learn, however I'm not willing to pay him to do that if he is going to lie to get a job. I'm all for some padding as well, however have the chops to actually do some research about it.. 😀

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