There's a whole subreddit for people wanting to install Windows on Chromebooks
Why? Even with 4GB of ram the tiny disk is going to take most of the OS. And little space.
I almost get putting Linux on one, windows? You end up spending £500 for anything near decent spec to run it and could get a decent windows April with bigger see and faster processed for that

@mightywomble and here I am feeling like a weirdo for buying a Chromebook because I wanted to see what ChromeOS was like...

To be fair, ChromeOS wasn't nearly the disaster I expected it to be. The biggest gripe of mine is the un-remappable Ctrl-W closing apps like Citrix Receiver when that key was destined for PuTTY.

@yakkoj nope, I'm addicted to the point I use it 95% of the time

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