I'm surprised with Microsoft embracing the command line on servers there isn't some tool that converts what you do in the gui into powershell.

so I install SQL server in ha mode, all the clicks result in a button next to done called script which creayes a powershell script that repeats exactly what's you just did.

it's not impossible, I've just recreated the whole ha install as powershell scripts..

@mightywomble I'm not entirely surprised. is a work in progress. It has surprising behaviors just like Bash and frequently as ugly, too

@JonYoder i think I tend to disagree that it's a working in progress, however it is as you say as ugly as a shaven cat. however as someone who does a lot of automation I'm just surprised this feature doesn't exist, a good percentage of what most people do in clicky clicky land also works in powers help, just got to get the Google Fu on..

@JonYoder @mightywomble Isn’t Powershell like ten years old? I wouldn’t really call that a work in progress. The recent Linux version maybe, but not the Windows version.

@mookie @mightywomble I don't know what kind of background you two have, but I usually have a developer's perspective. I've spent quite a bit of time developing PS and it has surprises and hacks that have formed my opinion, but whatever. :) I'm rewriting a tool right now in Python because of some of its quirks. At the same time, it's a great glue language.

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