been using YouTube Music as my go-to player for the last few months.. it's improved gradually, not perfect but getting there..

TFI the 90s:

Good morning.

Your task for today is to make sure the world's physical and mental state is better at the end of the day than it is right now.

You've got three cups of coffee. Use them well.

so tonight it's minced pork and mozerella cheese loaded red peppers and sweet potato fries. all home made by this IT need..

uh, oh..

Business Insider: Chocolate could be extinct by 2050, but some companies think genetic engineering could save their supply.

well the hooksrs on mastodon didn't take long, Mumbai escorts is apparently one of the sweetest.. not hard in Mumbai I spent a few months there in 2000.. no escorts I might add 😀

the docker systemd service updates every update, however I'm running a custom execstart so it gets overwritten. is there a way of pinning the docker.service file? to the Google... 😀

Trying to deploy a new global help desk system which base been an ongoing nightmare for the past year, think I'm getting close to deploying it, give the team an extra week.. ran out of storage on friday.. we employed a capacity manager as a business..

Newton email is back.. £50 for cross platform email done recently, yes.. because I've not found anything better out there

If there are any Chromebook owners out there or people not sure, this might help

I put it together this evening

who else here uses a Chromebook, interested in knowing your thoughts, apps etc

There's a whole subreddit for people wanting to install Windows on Chromebooks
Why? Even with 4GB of ram the tiny disk is going to take most of the OS. And little space.
I almost get putting Linux on one, windows? You end up spending £500 for anything near decent spec to run it and could get a decent windows April with bigger see and faster processed for that

how is it that grown men, paid professional IT people.. well paid, can act so much like little children?

Does a job requirement really need to be "must play well with others" can someone really be an introvert and an opinionated self righteous pain as well..

I'm not a manager, I'm a crèche runner 🤩

with "AI" bots able to circumvent most captua and "are you human" checks, how do we check if it's a human who wants access? do we need to? do we just accepted bot is as a part of life? do we need new authentication systems?

rather awesome star wars short animation of the Luke Vs Vader duel from Empire

Aqua mail Android app on a Chromebook works very well

Check out this photo by David Field:
Take and discover photos on EyeEm. For iPhone and Android.

Dr pepper cherry vanilla where have you been all my life?

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