trying to install a new itsm system today, while attending 3 X 1 hour long meetings where people ask me how long it's going to take to install the itsm system and where I am with it..

remind me wtf project managers are for? ,😀

Whatever you do, it's never your main project that you actually focus on that has the most impact. It's always some small thing that you did on the side and don't even remember about that changes people's lives. But you only learn which one years later when you meet them by chance and they thank you. In my experience, anyways.

So don't focus everything on that one revolutionary idea. Be kind to people, show them things you think are cool, write articles about small things, do talks. You never know.

been watching/listening to today at work, interested in what issues others have getting DevOps to work, seems our issues are fairly common.

we tried to automate the world, failed, and now end up doing a Mish mash to get things out on time..

the Dev time is too slow to get "properly" working, so we try and satisfy the customer by getting it done on time rather than long term right..

hurrah for Google, the EU see a cash rich tech company, then act on no one's behalf, not understanding how market dominance works try and extract monumental fines no same person wants..

so Google say, ok, that's fine, have it your way, you can now pay for the free software within the EU, pushing the price of devices inevitably up in the EU because of something no one asked for..

Notes to myself:

1. Know when to work late

2. Break down big tasks into smaller pieces

3. Simplify

4. Bring energy to the table

5. Bring 3 solutions with every complaint

If I don’t learn a valuable lesson every day, I have failed.

today was an abject lesson in not giving up, no matter how hard it gets, keep going, you may not obtain perfection, you will however finish what you started with a sense of satisfaction..

I really hate job interviews, specifically the "technical questions" bit, where a smug, possible future colleague asks spurious, off the wall, look at me I'm smarter than you, questions..

my IT brain doesn't work like that, and having interviewed many people I've personally found that I'm looking for the right personality to join a team, technical ability will let a person pick up your implementation of software quickly

the vacuum cleaner just ate the monitor cable

vacuum 1 monitor 0

£35 for a new power cable.

I am so sick of seeing the "Hero" drivers on the road.

After attending Motor Vehicle collisions and incidents for the last decade they infuriate me.

You are not going to get there faster, all you are going to do is hurt everyone around you when your shit driving catches up with you.

As a firefighter of over 8 years, please stop, there are enough people hurt on the roads before you decided to got 20km/h over the limit and cut off that truck.


so HP will take orders in the UK for the Chromebook X2, but can't ship for 2 weeks, order on HP site says waiting for stock..

not particularly bothered as it's 2 weeks away, wondering why no stock..

sprung for the 8Gb ram 64Gb hp Chromebook X2, it's on 2 week delivery in the UK and should arrive on my birthday
the pricing on the Google pixel slate is a steep upward curve to make is viable once adding ram and keyboard, and the keyboard doesn't look lap friendly, looks like the surface 3 keyboard.. bendy

When will IT departs learn, taking a backup is NOT A BACKUP.. Its copying of data to wherever, a backup infers something you can restore and test that fact regularly..

People this is IT 101 and yet again I find another IT team who tell me they have a backup, yet when I tell them product X is dead (as a test) they can't restore the backup...

You can't play with the fancy toys until you get the little things right..

Backup, restore, patching, basic security.. This is IT...

Jenkins now completely replaced Cron on my Home Lab.. Why? Logs, I can see why something failed, easily managed and git held..

Google Home Hub vs. Amazon Echo Show

pretty simple really.. one has YouTube one Doesn't..

review over 😀

I got the gem from Steve Parker​​'s twitter (@unixsteve) post.

"According to HP, the two biggest Linux distributions are Windows amd Mac OS X... "

this Google unknown call answering service, on the face of it an amazing idea for us introverts who have no inclination for answering the phone if we don't recognize the number..

however alarm bells all go off because it's inevitably going to be misused and the experience ruined by a subset of individuals..

I'm.hoping there are a few Dr Who fans on this tech blog, what do you think?

I thought it was great, it was fun..

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