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Gotta start somewhere.

I’m here because I have a hunch this is the future despite actually still liking twitter, generally.

I just did the thing. Looking to simplify my life and take back the “internet” I once loved so much.

Thnx for having me!

After this one: gmail.
But I’m not looking forward to the work. Sigh*

Next on the account deletion hit list was YouTube. A big one for me because I’m an addict. My subscriptions are saved in my RSS reader, so I can still watch my favorite shows, but stay (at least partially) anonymous.

Added perk: I don’t see the endless sea of hatred that is > the comments.

This is our new kitty, Mow-mow. She’s such a good girl, and didnt even destroy any of our plants when we went out for groceries today. She’s rly smart and figured out where to eat and where to poop in the first go. She’s soft and cuddly too. I luff her.

Today: ✅✅ a couple of my minor todo’s from December.

I finally got around to removing some third party components from the NGV website, and rigged up some custom solutions to replace them.

Removed some really annoying render blocking scripts and reduced requests a whole bunch.

Filesize down and quality up! Long way to go on the refactoring still, but I like a satisfying end to a day. :)

I got a big phone and now my arms ache.

And I thought the text would be bigger but it just looks even smaller

Oh gosh, I sound old now don’t i. I don’t deserve to be a part of 😭

Wahhhh 👴🏻

Since i made plans to blog more while I was traveling, it makes sense to me to start out the year with a travel blog.

Pick 2-3 small tasks and get them done so that you feel a sense of accomplishment.

it's easier to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism

I subscribed to myself on Feedly and its weird, yo. I've got one buggy RSS feed.

My current contract ends at the end of February so I'll have availability beginning in March or April.

Things I do:

* React
* PHP and MySQL applications
* WordPress development

If you need those skills, let's talk.

more games that feature the sea and have low sample rate wave crashing sounds

need to finish some blog posts. I came up with so many ideas while on holiday, and now it looks like a lot of work >_<

introducing MANCELED

it's like CANCELED

but for MEN

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