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First toot!
Gotta start somewhere.

I’m here because I have a hunch this is the future despite actually still liking twitter, generally.

I just did the thing. Looking to simplify my life and take back the “internet” I once loved so much.

Thnx for having me!

I learned about accessibility with Vue.js by watching Callum Macrae's talk at Vue.js Amsterdam 2019 via Vue Mastery.

&& I'm reading their book at the moment 👍

Scientists have discovered a way to suck CO2 from the atmosphere and turn it into biodegradable building products! Show more

Edge chromium edition is available to test for windows insiders. Im keen but not keen enough to get back out of bed

i love the new google stadia controller. it fits perfectly in my hand

I really don't like people who use stacks of emoji in their usernames. It's not so bad when I'm viewing a tweat (or toot) of their's, but when twitter throws something like, user, smiling face, flag of united kingdom, sunglasses, upside-down face liked, user2, tumbler glass, cherries, blood-type A, quoted, user3, face licking lips, "Actual message," ,"user2, tumbler glass, cherries, blood-type A, added "Another bit of message ... really?!

If you’re a non-sighted or mainly keyboard oriented user and my website still sucks after this stuff, please let me know!

Or if I got anything wrong here, please let me know :)

Ads cost you money~~~
Retailers are increasingly charging “personalized” or “dynamic” prices based on your online footprint. They manipulate prices, trying to charge you the max they think you’re willing to pay.

That's it! I got rid of my burner Messenger account, so now I'm out of the Facebook ecosystem good and truly.

I had conversations with the 4 people for whom I kept it around, and all agreed to communicate via email instead.

I'm stoked :)

mutations, commit.
actions, dispatch.

mutations, commit.
actions, dispatch.

mutations, commit.
actions, dispatch.


"Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg!"

Great, now I got the Ducktales tune stuck in my head.

...and I bet so do you? Sorry, couldn't resist 😂

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