This one hurts. I heard him read a few years ago and he seemed in frail shape then, so not a surprise. But he never wrote a book I didn’t like, and a lot that I love.

The weather in Chicago today, which now apparently includes thundersnow, better not be a damn Game of Thrones marketing campaign unless some white walkers clean my sidewalk next.

I am reading one of the most wonderfully strange pieces of fiction I’ve come across in ages & it was published in practically the last place I’d have expected: (17776 Football)[]. Remember when the web was full of this kind of thing?

TFW you can’t tell if the description of a software package is a buzzword bingo joke, or if you’ve finally reached your own technical decrepitude, or both.

EXPERIENCE the plight of the poor humans treated like the machines that will replace them. MARVEL at the lack of economic security! WONDER at the absence of any labor gains made by over a century of unionization! BOOK YOUR POVERTY TOUR TODAY!

TIL the etymology of the word “cliché.” H/T to Eve Batey (🐦 @eveb), the “Inside Media” newsletter editor. How I got this far, given my interests, and never knew this, surprises me.

Today’s good comics, all about walking dogs and learning to speak French: Unleashed in Paris by Kate Gavino (🐦@kategavino). 📚

No, no. I don’t think I would like any of those things, but thanks for the suggestion

Today’s prompt, to use in whatever creative endeavor you might practice: From Marcus Aurelius, “The blazing fire makes flames and brightness out of everything thrown into it.”

Some fine reading for a lazy Sunday morning in the new issue of Gingerbread House (@GingerbreadMag): <> 📚

One of my favorite musicians, David Mead (@davidmeadtwits), released his first album in 8 years this winter, COBRA PUMPS. He offers it free to subscribers to his mailing list. Really looking forward to this. <> 🎵

The release of a new Wild Cards story always improves the day: How to Move Spheres and Influence People by Marko Kloos. 📚

SV bro-dream to “democratize” publishing by cramming as much unpaid work into a half-baked, VC-backed “platform” screwed writers and publications? Say it ain’t so. The long, complicated, and extremely frustrating history of Medium

For those few of us who have obsessed over litmags for years, The Review Review going on hiatus is a sad thing to see: So Long, It’s been Good to Lit Mag Ya!.

Today’s recommended reading: ON BEING BLACK IN APPALACHIA: A RESPONSE TO J.D. VANCE by Keith S. Wilson. 📚

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