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Practical Magic is Mystic Pizza meets Hocus Pocus.

Please, tell me somebody other than my partner and I understand this ๐Ÿ˜‚. It's the fall vibes.

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Productivity shame stuff 

plus also trying to switch to vim is a whole assload of routine change at the same time. I'm probably going to switch back to vscode while I get used to this board.

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Productivity shame stuff 

Gosh, using a radically different keyboard is HARD. Like, I haven't done any productive work for my employer so far this week hard.

And I feel bad about that in a capitalism shame way, but also in a creative way. I like coding!!

But it's better than being in pain, even with the switching costs.

For context I have a very rare skeletal defect that makes it impossible to use a regular keyboard without long term damage. I just got a moonlander keyboard in the mail. Im very excited about it! But the learning curve has been ridiculous.

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I'm glad I have lots of tools at my disposal to accommodate for my disability.

The downside is I actually have to put the energy in to *use* those tools. Nothing is ever plug-and-play

I want to play with hotwire and Golang this evening, but I don't wanna hurt my wrists.

I wanna disconnect, but there's *cool things to play with*

Test driving Obsidian and vim for a week has really made me feel more used to working offline-first.

My whole professional life I've always had internet. It's interesting to only sometimes need it.

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we often talk about something being "affordable" if its cost of acquisition in monetary terms is not a limiting factor for most of the potential users of the thing in question, but if the cost of acquisition is reduced by shifting some percentage of the necessary labor for making the thing to the potential user, that cost still exists - it is merely converted into a time cost, or a skills cost (which is usually a time cost as well).

I wonder how we could reframe "affordability" to encapsulate more of the affordances that could be granted by using any given thing.

Lol I'm gonna try to submit a PR to make the load more button more visible.

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Realistic sci-fi futures are hard to imagine because capitalism doesn't have a future.

More accurately, this only applies to non-dystopian, non-apocalyptic futures, since dystopian and/or apocalyptic futures are still on the table with capitalism.

Realistic, optimistic future visions these days are things like solarpunk.

Anybody have recommendations for a good mastodon android app?

I currently use Tusky and I don't like how the 'load more button' is inline and scrolls with the toots, sometimes I miss it and I miss a bunch of my timeline!

I just ordered a new split keyboard. I think with my old one I'll try and make mount for a lil tablet or something in one of the halves.

That way I can have a split keyboard cyberdeck! That would be fun. Comfortably ssh into other machines from my couch.

SciFi Concept: Venusians Don't Dig. 

Some background, one concept for terraforming Venus is to freeze the CO2 atmosphere solid, cover it with a thick layer of rock, and re-warm the planet for life.

So they would be exploring a bubble in foamed rock, or maybe an ancient temperature monitoring system?

I'm picturing a mix of Stand By Me and Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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SciFi Concept: Venusians Don't Dig. 

In the far future, no-one remembers the terraforming of Venus. All that has endured is the superstition that disturbing the soil more than a handful of centimeters brings disaster.

One intrepid group of kids finds an opening in the bedrock and decides to explore for themselves. Will they find cursed treasure? A slumbering beast? Or something beyond their wildest imagination?

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javascript shitpost 

JavaScript only happened because Brendan Eich, frustrated at his mad experiments to try to make Scheme work in a browser, said "I wish this would work", and fell asleep next to a plate of milk and cookies. Rumplestiltskin, upon hearing this plea, darted into the offices of Netscape, ate the cookies and drank the milk, and created JavaScript. He then woke up Brendan and said "your task be done, so you shall see, but do not attribute it to me. Seriously dude, it's kinda fucked."

My Pull Request Titles: Update Foo Controller to Better Handle Bar Exceptions

Senior Dev Pull Request Titles: small changes to my last pr

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