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As an industry, we don't hesitate to ship inaccessible, buggy, insecure, garbage JS to the end-user. Megabytes of it, even. "Works on my machine! Tests pass in Chrome. Ship it!"

Broken CSS doesn't let you do that. _That's_ why it gets the hate.

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@JennyFluff I got this notice too, scared me half to death 😭

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Google security alert!
"Some of your saved passwords have been compromised"

[oh gosh I stored passwords with my google account oO]

affected sites:

username: admin
password: admin


@pagrus I would like to submit *SHOOMP* for consideration

@bulkington He wrote Walkaway in 2017 that explores a hypothetical future anarchist open source revolution. We get one line on this topic:

"[capitalists] added our research to theirs, but we never saw what they made of our work. But every time we had any success, their lab-rats were tempted to go walkaway and join us, because everyone wants to work for winners."

I don't think I buy it as strategy, but it's a nice idea.

@bright_helpings another version I've heard is "plant inattention". I like that even better since it's so prefect.

@huntra I think some people don't like the idea of making C easier to use. "You can accomplish anything in C, so why add anything to make it easier and safer? If you need that you must not be as smart as me".

I think it boils down to elitism. But I'm not really in the C/C++ scene so that's a total guess.

@ajroach42 This unlocked a core memory of watching that movie off of a 50 movie DVD pack I got for christmas as an 11 year old.

That's probably why I love B movies to this day :)

@denniswambua maybe, if you can get your content widely distributed. You'll probably need a server you control as a "pinner of last resort". Otherwise if you generate a hash and delete the content, it's gone.

TIL `git config --global push.default current` lets you bypass `git push --set-upstream origin <branchname>` forever!

I don't even know how many members there are in total, so who knows how many votes we need to call a meeting since the board doesn't seem to want to have one. I'm still gonna try though.

Fingers crossed everything turns out OK and we'll be stronger for it.

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My local area has a really cool indie newspaper that recently organized itself into a cooperative, of which I'm a member.

Yesterday 2/3 of current board suddenly fired all the staff, quit themselves, and said the paper was over. Now the remaining board members have put up a gofundme, and the coop members are entirely in the dark.

I guess this is what we get for not setting up more resilient comms before everything went down.

@hamefang that's a really cute name!! You should totally add that to the list.

@jonw I live near a major city, so last time I was looking there were a couple of large technology focused slack channels, which usually have a job postings channel. That's how I got my current job!

It seems like new name suggestions for are slowing down.

Which of the proposed names are your favorite?

(totally informal, I'm not remotely a decision maker I'm just curious, boosts appreciated!)

@hamefang same... But it seems like there's a company already with the same name :/

Dual booting my Mac went as smoothly as I could have expected! OSX fought me to change the partitions, but the Ubuntu installation is so smooth these days! Even getting proprietary wifi drivers was a breeze.

Next I have to set up a bootloader so I can switch back and forth.

@alexandra @avocatto I recently moved from VSCode to vim, and I've gotten a lot of that set up except for visible buffer management. I haven't published my config yet, but feel free to hit me up!

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