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Today has been a great day for crafts! I 3d printed a mechanical dirty/clean sign for my dishwasher. That involved attempting a multicolor print, which did not work, and then using a paint marker for the letters.

I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Today in the lab I printed some extra stands for my keyboard so I can fully tent it and keep the thumb cluster up. Total elapsed time from idea to having the legs: 1 hour.

Now I'm really getting into why I got the printer - custom accessibility hardware.

I got my 3d printer working today! I had to do some minor surgery on a bad cable, but the first print turned out really good!

It feels great to have a hobby that doesn't entirely revolve around a computer

Apples app signing process is so convoluted that I have to figure it out from scratch every time I go to update one of my apps.

It's lucky the success screen is kinda pretty, because it's a victory every single time I see it.

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I taught myself how to darn socks today! It's a surprisingly satisfying craft, and it's nice to keep something out of the trash.

Bad photo of a TV, eye contact? 

Ah yes I'd like to tune into CSI: Ted Danson

I'm leaving on an overnight backpacking trip! I'm so excited.

Citys, Nature, long 

I am madly in love with my city. But not just as a city, also as an ecosystem.

Right now I'm sitting on my porch. In view I see
- A beautiful blue sky with clouds.
- A green space, in varying stages of being reclaimed by plants.
- 2 vacant houses.
- power lines.
- the distant roar of a highway.

And I love all of these things. It's humans and nature coexisting. Coexisting badly, but isn't that sometimes a part of coexisting?

As a part of my "vote in every election I can until I die" strategy, my partner and I cast a pre-primary ballot to renew our city's school tex levy. We were voters #4 and #5.

I don't think voting can solve all our problems, but I think it's foolish to donate power to reactionaries.

GF: what the heck is this?
Me: does it smell like privilege?
GF: it's got lavender, thyme and white musk
Me: as in Elon Musk?
GF: *sniffs* oh my God it does smell like an ivy league school!
Me: *sniffs* dusty.

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