Q: What are the worst ideas of all time?

Why & how?

(Explanations count more than the idea itself.)

Boosts appreciated.

#BadIdeas #WorstIdeaEver


@dredmorbius Enclosure. The world would be completely different in every way if we still had a concept of communal property. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enclosur

@mibzman @dredmorbius The crazy thing about enclosure is that its still happening all the time, particularly in the digital space, but even outside of it.

@mibzman There's a great book which goes into some of the history of the rise of enclosure (and other land-related things) in England:

George Yerby. 2016. "The English Revolution and the Roots of Environmental Change: The Changing Concept of the Land in Early Modern England". London: Routledge.


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