Dang, I suddenly can't boost or fav from titandon anymore?

Nope, turns out I'm a dummy! If I follow someone who boosts a toot, and I try and boost it also, I'm not boosting their toot, I need to boost the original toot. That makes perfect sense I promise.

Titandon supports boosts now! I've deployed it on my personal server, and browsing toots on deedum is wonderful!


There's a very deep satisfaction in using a tool that I built. it's got all the parts I think are important, and none of the other stuff. I'd like to make more tools like this. the next step will be figuring out the simplest way to deploy these!

next big features for Titandon: profiles and notifications. after that I might do local & federated timelines. Then I think it'll be done!

Dang, pretty sure I crashed my server somehow. The whole thing shuts down if there's an issue, so error handling should be the next step for titan.

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