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Yes hello welcome to my profile we have:

👌Other people's stale memes
🙃 My own brain garbage
😠 Complaining about Visual Studio
💻 An occasional computer thing

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you know that part in osmosis jones where the protagonist is about to die from ebola or whatever and the Brain City is burning and melting? that's just me but constantly
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I just realized that if you press the f key in chrome with vimium installed it will let you click on any element with just 2 key presses.

I have ascended beyond this thing you call a 'mouse'

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Kinda surprised there hasn't been a social media equivalent of all the "slow" movements. Was thinking a fedi instance where posts take a couple days to publish might encourage more thoughtful and less impulsive posts?

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incompetence levels are currently at 80% but fluctuating wildly

(80%) ■■■■■■■■□□

I, Mothman, as an interdimensional being, transcend the concept of gender. In this essay I will

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whoa black betty, cans of RAM
whoa black betty, salmon ham
whoa black betty, hannah's pram

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spaghetti levels are currently at 05% but fluctuating wildly

(05%) ■□□□□□□□□□

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i've learned so much from my university programming class! what do you think of my first ever hello world? :)

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The word for someone who throws something away is "dumpstee." Yes, I agree it's fucked up. I don't make the rules.

Terraform is freaking amazing. Like really rarely give unqualified praise, but Terraform is how every single tool should be. Everyone says 'it just works' about their favorite thing, but I have had 0 bugs or strange behavior so far.

Being able to ask a single tool "Is my infrastructure how I have set it up to be?" and getting back either "Yes" or "No, here's how it's different and here's how I'd change it" is freaking magical.

"[In San Francisco] Baby Boomer civil servants act as urban taxidermists stuffing and mounting a dead city so it always resembles the past."

-some article on HN

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teeth levels are critical

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

GF: what the heck is this?
Me: does it smell like privilege?
GF: it's got lavender, thyme and white musk
Me: as in Elon Musk?
GF: *sniffs* oh my God it does smell like an ivy league school!
Me: *sniffs* dusty.

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Twitter is riding the metro in an unfamiliar city, full of concrete and ads.

Mastodon is riding in the car with friends along a highway, singing your favorite songs off key.

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the model megabyte was, unfortunately, subject to subtle weight variations over time. thus, it was replaced by a formula that can be used to calculate one megabyte exactly, using avacado's constant

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At a safe distance, the sailors took their ear plugs out and untied the researcher.
"Did you finally learn what sirens sing?" they asked.
"Yes! They sang that they promise whatever I desired most, but..."
"When I heard that, the song changed, to promise me a new purpose."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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