OK, so #tootdon communicates with this server: api.tootdon.ooo

This server is hosted in the USA(!!!)

There are several endpoints: /api/v1/instances gives a paginated list of instances, and seems to be the *only* one that doesn't require authentication.

There's also /api/v1/statuses and /api/v1/users. Not sure how authentication to this API works yet...

By the way, it also appears to be tied with this company: mobirocket.com/

@mi It doesn't just grab data from Tootdon users but it grabs the toots that have been interacted with by Tootdon users also...

@slipstream Ugh! 😑 Thanks! Can you recommend an iOS app that behaves itself? ... or should I use web in Safari (which I’m just looking at now)

@mi @slipstream To me, Amaroq seems fine. Nit a lot if functionality, but beats a web interface 11 out of 10 times.
Can handle multiple accounts as ling as they're on distinct instances.


@MacLemon @slipstream Thanks. Yes I had Amaroq installed from when I first signed up last year. I’ve now revoked both and trying the web interface to see how I get on.

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