Trend Micro responds to claims its apps in the Mac App Store were snaffling up users’ browser history

Some of the most popular iOS App Store apps are selling your location data onto other businesses

A great blogpost by @laura why Mastodon is so different yet the same (somehow) as other networks. And why running your own instance might be so easy. Now I want to get my own instance! On to the Cool Domainname Cave!

Up late fixing a client’s Mid 2010 27inch iMac

So, Fediverse, need your advice… I need two things:

1. A domain name registration API
2. #Hosting with a #VPS (ideally OpenStack) provisioning/setup API

That are:

* Based in the EU
* As ethical as possible given the industry (extra points for green) but definitely not engaged in any surveillance-based shenanigans and, of course, #GDPR compliant

Goal: have people be able to register a domain name and have a VPS set up at it in as little time as possible.

Any suggestions? :)


Tootdon has a search server, which indexes the public toots of the federated timeline for searching. You can search the latest toots for 30 days, and those older than 30 days will be automatically deleted from the server. Also, when posting from the application, in the case of public toot, we also update the index of the search server. If you do not want to be indexed, we will exclude that account if you request @tootdon from your account.

What will be the next scandal?
The fact that you can view a friend’s friend list? 🤣

Has anyone set up a mastodon instance for their family? I'd love to hear about your experience, or your opinion as to whether or not this is a good idea.

Just used the HaveIBeenPwned plugin for KeePass to see if any of my passwords have shown up on the Internet. Turns out my LinkedIn password, which I haven't been used anywhere else, was pwned. WTF, LinkedIn isn't using HaveIBeenPwned's password API and ALSO possibly had a compromise they didn't tell me about?

Installing macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 Public Beta 1 because I’m a fool!

Really pleased to see that "Who are your favourite people to follow on Mastodon?" thread on HN. It's a shift in tone from talking about the legitimicy of Mastodon as a platform

Question! What is your favorite client of mastodon for iOS, and why?

Cross-posting is marketing for the source platform, so you shouldn't be surprised I don't think Twitter to Mastodon cross-posting is beneficial to Mastodon.

Mastodon is a social network, and talking to each other is a big part of it. If someone has setup a cross-poster and left and never checks their notifications, it's pointless for us who are here.

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Had a lovely conversation over the weekend on surveillance capitalism (and what we can do about it) with Ed Miliband, Geoff Lloyd, and Mathew Lawrence for Ed and Geoff’s Reasons To Be Cheerful podcast. Shoshana Zuboff was also interviewed for the episode.

You can listen to it from

(Or find it on iTunes, etc.)

Just in case this helps any of the new-joiners 

Everyone's free to toot as they like, within the guidance set by their instance, and we're all free to follow or not! But I think there's a lot of us here who appreciate that Mastodon can feel less angry & negative than other social spaces. So if you post mostly angry, negative stuff, without using CWs, you might find some of your followers drop off. (This toot risks sounding negative now though, so I'm going to sign off with kittens & sunshine! 🐱🌞)

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