I've finally set up my server to make daily encrypted incremental backups and I'm syncing them to a friend's server over rsync. Finally a solid backup plan!

I had a fun encounter with a legacy computer game yesterday. I used to play a lot of Atomic Bomberman, an old Windows 95 game.

I think i got it running on windows 8 but it will not work anymore on windows 10 (i believe its 16 bit software).

In an act of enlightenment while on the toilet i decided to check the Wine AppDB, and sure enough! it is platinum rated. I installed Wine, installed the game and it works perfectly.

Figure this: Linux runs old software better than Windows.

I want to buy a digilent Arty Z7 Dev board, just need to find a supplier in the Netherlands. It has a Zynq FPGA but it's so cheap!

Watching a 3D printer print something is like watching a bonfire, you can watch endlessly

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3 types of programs:

$ foo -h
invalid option -- 'h'
Try 'foo --help' for more information.

$ foo --help
invalid option -- '-'
usage: foo [-iuegnvlairKnsivrngvV] qux blarg

$ foo --help
unknown option '--help', continuing anyway
deleting your files...
^C^Cdeleting more files...^C

our Scouts group has started the migration from Dropbox to Google Drive, using the Google for non profit service! Much safer and nicer to use. I'm happy again.

Going from 60GB sata to 256 GB NVMe 😎
My server is happy again!

5 years ago I assembled my own desktop. It had a i5 4690k, 16 GB ddr3, gtx760, 256 GB SATA SSD and a 4tb disk. A while ago I upgraded to a gtx 1060 and the system still works, stable as a brick. Now, I finally convinced myself to upgrade to a threadripper 1920X and NVMe SSDs! Parts are ordered, I'm so excited!

I have dropped my Nokia 3310 (new model) on the floor and it splattered across it. Put the battery back in, works like a charm. Not a single scratch! I love this device

I finally have the Pie update for my sirocco and im loving it so far, but my god did they fuck up volume control.

Volume buttons now exclusively control media volume; There is no way to change the ringer volume with the hardware buttons. Changing any volume other than media requires you to go to the settings app and change it there. This means your phone always makes sound when you change the volume. Lovely design. Not.

Dropbox is officially dead.
Apparently they have dropped support for any linux filesystem except unencrypted ext4. If you try to run it on btrfs for example, it will not sync your files. This is deliberate design on Dropbox's behalf.

They use x-attrs as an excuse but they simple do not want to put in any effort into supporting dropbox for linux. I'm glad our scouts group is moving away from dropbox, which is the only reason im still using it.

HMD Global promised Android Pie for the Nokia 8 sirocco in November... It's January and still no update and no communication! Meanwhile lesser models are getting the update while flagship users are left in the dark.

Finally found a linux distro that properly boots on my laptop! thanks elementary OS

For my internet radio project I bought a 2,42 inch OLED screen from adafruit. It has an SSD1305 driver chip and I'm gonna attempt to make a library for it in Rust

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I ordered a 3D printer (finally!)

Rest assured I will be modding the heck out of it

Still waiting for Android 9 on my Nokia 8 sirocco... It should roll out this month!

of course I meant to say its _looking_ very bleak. Its not leaking lmao

Currently performing data recovery on an SD card that was in a phone that fell in the water. I've managed to restore the partition table but it's leaking very bleak - no photos have been discovered yet.

Anyone got some diffie-hellmans mayonnaise for my sandwich?

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