I've heard Noodler's pens described as smelling like vomit, like ass, like old trash, and like old shoes. You're all wrong. They smell like old blood.

Look, I know is basically just onE long as for netlify, but oh my stars HAVE YOU TRIED NETLIFY

Does anyone else have a lingering anxiety that pour-over coffeepots are really a step backwards for our civilization?

Does it make me old fashioned that I think HTML should be immutable and css should be functional? (Not Functional CSS aka atomic css, functional as in declarative and deterministic)

Like, you could have styles that make links look like buttons and buttons look like links, but wouldn't it be better if links looked like links and behaved like links by doing navigation, and buttons just did button things by doing actions?

Like, UX is trying to come up with a design system that's completely flexible for all possible use cases. Commendable, but wouldn't it be better to come up with a design system that enforces itself, proper document structure and a11y?

Today, I feel like I spent a decade as a freelancer trying to limit the options of clients to keep their projects focused, and now as a regular working stiff, my life is one long series of self-inflicted wounds due to nobody being willing to say no to stakeholders.

Are we over trying to JavaScript all the things and back to letting browsers do what they're good at yet? No? Ok.

I swear to Bea Arthur, if someone hands me one more REST endpoint that gives me an HTML string and not just just the data I asked for I am going to lose my cool.

Folks who've worked in Enterprise tech: where is the line between "our process is so bad I'm idle for weeks at a time" and "given the freedom to tackle any issue I see fit"?

So i watched the Build Dumb Shit talk from this year's @nordicjs and now I have to wake up every day and weep for the rest of my life because I'm not @NikkitaFTW

When I see visual novels, I think "I could build a framework to make one of those"

Ok, so you know that tangled pile of old mice and vga cords every office grows somehow? I just discovered a Das Keyboard in mine.

Oh ok, it used to be that you wanted a full stack developer to handle servers and browsers and save you money, but now you want a front end developer to write your code and do all your design work and save you money. Got it.

Hey players, a question for you. I just started my first Bob's game, and like, I'm used to building a huge ingredient buss and branching off from there. Is that strategy even viable in Bob's?

I still don't know much about .net core but someone around here should be impressed.

Today I mostly learned how to set up a microservice API endpoint using Amazon lambda, because i decided to build a comics collection database as a demo app to learn .net core 2, and my company network blocks the comicvine API, so I built an interactive proxy.

Ok, .net core, I am really trying here, but I'm on my third Crud tutorial, and second directly from Microsoft, that fails catastrophically. I'd love to use you for stuff but you're making it extremely hard.

Huh. So Airbnb is basically shit for finding accessible, reasonably priced accommodation. I don't know why I'm surprised.

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