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unsupervised web developer @meredith_matthews@mastodon.technology

“JS in AMP“

This proposal for adding JS support to AMP makes it really obvious that Google is basically forking the web


ternary operator ? controversial opinion : can seriously get fucked


Controversial opinion: The ternary operator can seriously get fucked.

I find it interesting that blog posts from ThoughtWorks, a very reliable source of techy thinkpieces, never end up on Hacker News.

The only way software development can ever be humane is if unions come into being. But developers are by and large against that because each and every one of them believes they’re good enough to get more than all those other people and thus that a union would only hold them back.

Oh. Those poor fools. Those poor, suffering fools.

It’s tragic as hell.

The fun part is that automation is coming for their jobs, too. /fin

"I don't know what percentage of our time on any computer-based project is spent getting the equipment to work right, but if I had a gardener who spent as much of the time fixing her shovel as we spend fooling with our computers, I'd buy her a good shovel. At least you can buy a good shovel." — Erasmus Smums

Binge reading a whole lot of Bitch Planet and then watching the opening of the Superbowl is... Not something I'd actually recommend anyone else do.

Just bought Getting Over It. I don't know what's wrong with me that I love foddy games so much, but after an hour of GOI, i went back for a dose of GIRP and a little QWOP, too

Let There Be Lips: a brief meditation on how the intense problematicness of the Rocky Horror Picture Show to modern eyes was ultra important to eighties queers. dragon.style/web/statuses/9945

Someone in my office whistles. And he whistles the same thing every time.

Another thing I've learned by taking a corporate job: eating salad in public is not lunch, it's a performative act.

Someone wake me when web components are a viable option, pls.

New job. Coworker came over to introduce himself. I compliment his Snoopy tie. He says "it takes a special sort of guy to wear such a wacky tie!" The problem is I can't tell if he's being sarcastic or really is that guy who uses ties and socks as a substitute for personality.

That sudden, jarring realization that most of your colleagues wear watches.

Right now I'm obsessed with making games that explores the tragedy of banal situations. Mac and cheese simulator. Dmv simulator. Home repair simulator.

In software, employers should see a union as a positive sign that their employees want the company to succeed. Otherwise, employees wouldn't put in the effort to start a union, they'd just hop to the next available job.

When skilled developers are as hard to find as they've been for my entire career, employers should be happy to see developers who care enough to stay and fight.


@sina just looked at your website and I will forever cheer on "the simple web is cute". I heart the static web. Also, hello!

Aww shucks, my game's first let's play just hit YouTube! The guy immediately found a technical bug and a game design bug and I fixed them and it's a little thing but I'm just pleased as punch 😁