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unsupervised web dev @meredith_matthews@mastodon.technology

If I ever make myself business cards again, I'm going to use all my favorite things my clients have called me: front-end antihero, digital dillitante, internet duct tape

Me: I'm instituting a new rule. All code must pass jsLint to pass code review.

Also me: *weeps at 10 years of layered jQuery spaghetti nonsense in the codebase*

Still me: *gets better at jQuery call back argument objects in a goddamn hurry*

Every day I banish more loops from my , and every day I come closer to becoming an insufferable functional programming turd. Some day, I will refactor the nested for loops of my junior programmer and reach enlightenment.

I always confuse Eve and Elm. This is tragic.

Eating dinner, watching the volcano erupt, listening to programming lectures.

I think I might read Infinite Jest this summer. Convince me I'm wrong.

Programmers obsession with syntax baffles me.

Hi, I'm a web developer, and I have a lot of trouble reconciling the high quality of my work, as reported by product owners and stakeholders, with the simplicity of the projects, by my personal assessment.

@kevlinhenney, in giving a high-level explanation of service-oriented architecture on a goto lecture on YouTube, suddenly accidentally revolutionized my understanding of angular services. I should probably be embarrassed, but I just want to go code now.

Also, the phenomenon of the bullshit job is trending again. While if you read between the lines bullshit might be translated as "service" jobs, and fuck you very much for that, overall these thinkpiece articles seem disinclined to actually name specific bullshit jobs. Hmm.

Between node.js, es2016, and the lisp-like profound flexibility of the language, as a web developer I find it hard to justify picking up something new instead of building on what I already have.

When I was a WordPress dev, I was frequently in the position of either learning a new system or getting better at wp. I chose the latter and ended my freelance career as the most expensive wp dev in my city. Now, I find myself in a similar position with JavaScript.

I need to come up with a project that gives me an excuse to use monokai on a user interface. Because I'm a dork who lives for making user interfaces look like developer interfaces.

How many white guys does it take to figure out the office thermostat, a device with no configurable options whatsoever? Currently we're up to 4.

The office bro white guys are extra white bro today. If someone starts some sort of frat chant I wouldn't even look up.

Is there a name for that feeling when you suddenly learn someone you went to school with has joined a Christian cult as an adult?

I still can't shake the feeling that React got popular with developers because it's hard to understand, and that a lot of devs hate writing html and css THAT much.

oh yeah i should mention
genderwrecked is in the newest itch.io selects bundle!!! six games for ten dollars!!! it's a good deal


Them: boy you pee a lot.

Me: I'm a middle-aged fat lady who considers cigarettes and coffee to be separate food groups. What do you want from me?