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unsupervised web dev @meredith_matthews@mastodon.technology

Thanks to @sina, I now know one way to compliment a butt without making it sexual.

So it turns out that cord cutters are just as insufferable as former smokers.

I just had the most horrific realization: classical oop is in fact the best method to program my current game project, because I need to model a few categories of objects. Fuuuuuuuuu

a website wouldn't let me change the gender marker on my account. every other field was updatable: title, first and last name, and suffix. gender appeared as a form field, but with no dropdown

I fixed this this by removing the 'editNone' CSS class, updating the field to the correct value, and submitting the form.

I've been making mission-critical internet for The Bank for 6 months now, and I haven't inserted a single Easter egg yet. What's wrong with me?

How come nobody describes "modern web development" as "we used to make websites, now we make programs that make websites"? That would clear up a lot of confusion.

I literally just mused to myself about how nice the metadata in the head of the website for the wall street journal is. Just... That's my life now.

I have no evidence, but its starting to feel like the fracturing of genre and publishing is resulting in a new age of experimentation, and combined with millennial sincerity, we're entering the next thing, The New New Weird. Anti-comedy, bizzaro lit, hyper-indie gaming.

It's probably not fair that I habitually compare all new "literary genius" to Hemingway as a measure of legibility, but I do and it really has improved my quality of life. This is totally a call out, and I'm looking directly at Karl Knausgaard.

Being a senior developer is weird. Everybody gets to do it my way, which is cool, but also I'm still not sure my way is right because there's nobody to tell me how to do it.

I heart VueJS. When they describe it as a drop-in like jQuery, they're not kidding. It's basically magic you can sprinkle on crap legacy websites. That is all.

I'm reading the Dune prequels, and I really want to complain about the moustache-twirling villains. I can't, but I want to.

The older I get, the more subversive sparkly pink girly crap feels, and I can't tell if that's a positive to the world or if I'm just starting to accept the insidious bits of the gender binary. I hope it's the former.

Game developers as a group seem to get this, but I'll speak up one more time for the people in back: THE INTERFACE IS THE PRODUCT

I give up. I'm no longer a front-end developer, I'm a web interface engineer. Now do you get why my job is important?

By mindful they mean healthy, and by healthy they mean low-cal-low-fat-low-soduim, and by that they mean "half the building will be hangry by 3:30". Am I crazy to believe I shouldn't have to eat Second Lunch to get through the day?

Two lessons for today: simpler code !== less code, and LinkedIn has a proximity search just like tinder.

Dark Souls Calibre Two: where all the hollowed soldiers have Ivy's moveset

Why yes, my sorcerer is dual wielding daggars, and I will cut a bitch

I just beat the trolls in the training level of dark souls 2. I have also managed to kill the pigs in majula. I can die happy now.