And by the goddamn way, I wouldn't have to deal with these Internet Explorer bugs if the IT department would get off it's ass and not force all 50,000 employees to work in IE on Windows 7. There isn't a single customer using that browser, it's only us.

Do other kinds of developers need to constantly work with legacy code written by people who are actively angry that they were assigned to the project, or is that just a front-end thing?

As a web dev, I worry that my expertise isn't broad enough, that I'm not polyglot/polysystem enough. And then I look at java, c++, c# devs and realize that it's just web dev gaslighting.

Setting up linters in your task runner is great until that moment you realize you have to lint your cruddy pages before you can continue.

Writing comprehensive documentation for my app, starting with the gulpfile. Send help!

My favorite JavaScript thing has got to be when some dev wraps a whole chunk of code in a try-catch block and the catch is empty and the try block doesn't throw anything.

Any jQuery game dev geniuses out there who have spare cycles to help me with a baffling thing in my new game? jQuery UI is defeating me.

Anyone out there a genius with jQuery UI draggable and droppable? I'm tearing my hair out over elements that aren't getting drop events.

Keep it all. Lose the hell out of some souls. Just get rid of the one truly punishing mechanic if you want an easy mode for more mass appeal. Now for those about to set me on fire, I'll be at the bar. 3/end

I'll tell you what the Dark Souls easy mode looks like: just get rid of the death health penalty. That's it. Keep the hollowing and it's associated mechanics, keep the hard enemies and the hard gameplay and the ridonk bosses and aimlessness. 2/

Lately I've been indulging in a lot of Dark Souls theory and philosophy, and one thing that keeps coming up for some reason is "what would an easy mode even look like?" With a lot of astonished flailing and a tone of incredulity. 1/

Some days I am a digital god, rendering informational miracles from nothing. And some other das I can't remember my network password.

“Nazi Punks F**k Off: How Black Flag, Bad Brains, and More Took Back Their Scene from White Supremacists” Show more

🐦BORB🐦 Show more

Gang of Four design patterns: universally valuable, crap, or only really effective for OOP?

long, meta Show more

Here is a weird one: I can't seem to get into rpg video games. Please tell me the game that will make me become obsessed with the genre.

And on a personal note, it bugs me a little to have my collection split between two different formats, especially my favorite series I've been reading the longest.

I don't regret my decision, I'm enjoying collecting and I'm proud to be a customer at Gutter Pop Comics, but I just popped in to comixology for a second, and... I miss it. Instant gratification and no clutter and everything in one place and smart lists and sigh.

I really got into comics reading digital comics in my 30s. I had possibly the best ereader, the nook hd+, a comixology account, and I was happy. Then an amazing comic book store opened in my city that was so good, I switched to paper.

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