Folks who've worked in Enterprise tech: where is the line between "our process is so bad I'm idle for weeks at a time" and "given the freedom to tackle any issue I see fit"?

So i watched the Build Dumb Shit talk from this year's @nordicjs and now I have to wake up every day and weep for the rest of my life because I'm not @NikkitaFTW

When I see visual novels, I think "I could build a framework to make one of those"

Ok, so you know that tangled pile of old mice and vga cords every office grows somehow? I just discovered a Das Keyboard in mine.

Oh ok, it used to be that you wanted a full stack developer to handle servers and browsers and save you money, but now you want a front end developer to write your code and do all your design work and save you money. Got it.

Hey players, a question for you. I just started my first Bob's game, and like, I'm used to building a huge ingredient buss and branching off from there. Is that strategy even viable in Bob's?

I still don't know much about .net core but someone around here should be impressed.

Today I mostly learned how to set up a microservice API endpoint using Amazon lambda, because i decided to build a comics collection database as a demo app to learn .net core 2, and my company network blocks the comicvine API, so I built an interactive proxy.

Ok, .net core, I am really trying here, but I'm on my third Crud tutorial, and second directly from Microsoft, that fails catastrophically. I'd love to use you for stuff but you're making it extremely hard.

Huh. So Airbnb is basically shit for finding accessible, reasonably priced accommodation. I don't know why I'm surprised.

I swear to God I am this close to becoming that eccentric old lady with 12 cats who binds all her DOM events with custom data attributes.

My Grail pen of fifteen years just arrived. It is BEAUTIFUL, it writes like a dream despite being way finer than anything I normally like, it's wet, it's light, I'm in love! Vintage Pilot Myu fine.

I swear to Gawd, in a building full of people demanding to be called engineers, why can't one single person take ten seconds and reattach the chain thing to the handle thing in the toilet instead of staring at it dumbly?

I just polished some nibs for the first time. The improvements were drastic and I feel like I just unlocked the potential for some really expensive hobby upgrades in the future.

I beat Iudex Gundyr, I explored the firelink shrine, I got my ass bit by a skeleton dog, I'm pleased with my evening.

I picked up a game project today that I haven't worked on for 8 months. I read through the code, and I was genuinely pleased with what I found. Now I'm worried that I'm not growing as a person because I don't hate past me.

Programming style question: say I'm returning a value that is conditional on a flag, in JavaScript. Is it better to return a conditional value (return bool ? this : that) or conditionally return a value (bool ? return this : return that) and why do you think this?

I still don't understand why people get so excited about Markdown.

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