@sthaydn @apps hmmmm this is really interesting 🤔.

You're the only one who has reported the issue, but that doesn't mean you're the only one who has it heh. I might see if I can sign up for your instance to see if it's related to that at all (especially the bit about the notifications view being empty).

@sthaydn Hey there! Hmmm that is not something I am aware of 🤔. Is this happening for all timelines? And do you have the app set to open to a specific timeline?

I normally re-install the app every other day just by virtue of developing new features, testing things etc. I will keep 2 versions on my phone for a bit and see if I can replicate this :) Sorry you're running in to this issue!

@hertog_luuk Παρακαλώ! There is a return button, but you need to press "123" first.

The compose window uses the social keyboard which replaces the "return" button with a @ and # symbol 🙂

Just a reminder (as there seems to be quite the influx of support email 🙄 ) that Mercury does not and will never support instances like Gab or its various incarnations and spinoffs.

There's a complete list of unsupported instances on the help page here: onmercury.app/help

There is a known issue where people who started using Mercury at version 1.6 don't stay logged in. There is a fix on its way that should be out shortly!

Anyone effected might also need to de-authorise previous versions of Mercury from their account so as to not receive multiple notifications — https://your_instance_domain_here/oauth/authorized_applications

@jwildeboer hey there! Sorry, I just saw this and you may have worked this out by now. But it seems that's the "view detail" button that lead you there. The reply button is the left-pointing arrow 🙂 if tapping that takes you to the detail page, then let me know as that's indeed an error 😬

@weirdwriter@mastodon.social oh wow! I literally just saw it come in. That's very generous of you! Thank you very much! I'm so glad that you enjoy using the app 😊

@devinprater @weirdwriter@mastodon.social oh interesting! I have been holding off installing the betas on my only device, but now that they're public I'll install them and check this performance thing out, and see if it's on my end

@devinprater @weirdwriter@mastodon.social last time I checked it's not possible to grab the limit from the instance. I did check around 6 minus ago though, so that may have changed. I also looked at adding this to the API so that other apps can use it too, but got distracted and never finished submitting the code. For what it's worth though, the composer in Mercury won't disable the send button if a toot goes over the 500 character limit to compensate for the fact that not all instances use the default value.

@weirdwriter@mastodon.social all the VoiceOver stuff you've been helping with has been released to the AppStore version of the app 👏🥳

@weirdwriter@mastodon.social @TheFake_VIP 👋 there are a bunch of VoiceOver things still in TestFlight.

Here's the link if you wanted to give it a go; testflight.apple.com/join/LTkl

The version in the AppStore is pretty lacking on the VoiceOver front, though I am hoping to correct that very shortly :)

@weirdwriter@mastodon.social well, the funny thing is that the button was supposed to be at the top right all along, but I broke it while testing out some recent changes 🤦🏽. It'll be back in the next release

@weirdwriter@mastodon.social a big thanks to you and @marcozehe is in order for helping with all of these bits :) I really appreciate both of your input in improving the VoiceOver experience.

@marcozehe @mercury @weirdwriter@mastodon.social it's a pleasure :)

Yes, I am planning on adding an iPad app. It's most of the way there, there are just a handful of rough edges with the timeline display and alert displays that I have to round off before it's released :)

@weirdwriter@mastodon.social hey! Yep, I can add this too 😊 I'll have it be spoken after "boosted" if a status has been boosted.

@weirdwriter@mastodon.social oh cool! Yeah that is a good idea :) thanks again for all your feedback here too, I appreciate you taking the time to do that.

@weirdwriter@mastodon.social yep! I have been trying this approach out over the last few days and it seems good to me and I can't wait to send out a TestFlight.

I am thinking the list of actions will be something like boost, reply, favourite, details, author, links, hashtags.

There is also a "more menu" action that allows you to block a user or a domain as well as mute and report so I want to work that in to the actions list too, but I feel it may get too long. Is there a reasonable limit of actions a thing should have?

@weirdwriter@mastodon.social oh sorry, I have added some now. Feel free to request a tag in the issue report and I'll tag it appropriately too

@weirdwriter@mastodon.social hmmm good question, I am using a github project to track issues — github.com/dNitza/mercury-issu , but you can also email them to mercury at dnitza dot com or just a public or direct message here is also fine. I'll be adding them to the tracker on GitHub anyway so there is some public visibility over what's currently been reported :)

@weirdwriter@mastodon.social this is currently a limitation brought about by my lack of knowledge about the web push API and how to get the notification type from the push payload. It's something that is on my list to address :)

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