Just a reminder (as there seems to be quite the influx of support email 🙄 ) that Mercury does not and will never support instances like Gab or its various incarnations and spinoffs.

There's a complete list of unsupported instances on the help page here: onmercury.app/help

There is a known issue where people who started using Mercury at version 1.6 don't stay logged in. There is a fix on its way that should be out shortly!

Anyone effected might also need to de-authorise previous versions of Mercury from their account so as to not receive multiple notifications — https://your_instance_domain_here/oauth/authorized_applications

@weirdwriter@mastodon.social oh wow! I literally just saw it come in. That's very generous of you! Thank you very much! I'm so glad that you enjoy using the app 😊

Trying out some new general layout / interface things. The aim is to bring the timeline to the forefront while still keeping tags / lists easily accessible.

Direct message support and optionally displaying filtered statuses are also making their way into Mercury.

(Names, images and statuses have been redacted so I don't make anyone's posts public)

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