@chuck @art It seems you have to sign up to try it (at least on mobile).

"My battery is low and it's getting dark."

Oof, that hit me right in the feels.

I know it's just a robot, but damn, that robot is a character.

We are working with other projects to take ActivityPub to the next level with new features like Ephemeral Stories and Live Streaming.

It will be a great year! #activityPub

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Did you notice that figures have big heads and thin bodies, the opposite of current reality?

Very subversive guy

Let's get some facts down:
- No single person created the
- No single authority controls
- allow federating data
- AS can be readily extended to have new kinds of data
- Instances are the authorities on their own data

We should work towards having decentralized (instances) "AS/AP Authorities" who can extend the protocol and own the extensions, while federating these extensions so other devs can discover them in a centralized manner.

There's no end in sight to Facebook's atrocities.

Facebook paid kids to install its VPN which granted "near limitless access" to their phone activity. techcrunch.com/2019/01/29/face

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it's time for my favourite game, Windows or Capitalism, where we try to guess whether a statement applies to windows or capitalism

- it's obnoxiously expensive for no reason
- corporate monopolies allow the big companies to stamp out alternatives and present themselves as the only option, driving up prices to ridiculous levels
- you are constantly pressured to spend money. in fact, if you don't have money, you can't participate at all
- advertisements are a fundamental element of the system
- most people who have souls despise it, but remain complacent because "what are the alternatives? this is the way things are"
- the mere mention of the names of alternatives disgusts many people
- the people in charge don't give a shit about you

trick question!! all of these statements apply to windows AND capitalism!!!!!

Trans Internet Security Risk Show more

GoDaddy is injecting tracking JavaScript code to websites hosted on its US data center without asking.

If you want it gone you (the site owner) need to opt-out manually from your hosting console: igorkromin.net/index.php/2019/

- Do you know a good GDPR consultant?
- Yes.
- Can you give me his e-mail address?
- No.

@cj i just tested on another phone. It works! Maybe some caching thing on my iPhone.

@odyssey98 I’m pretty sure it’ll come eventually as they haven’t increased the battery while still increasing clock speeds.

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