France's largest free software organisation @Framasoft has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for an open federated events tool, Mobilizon:

Mobilizon would replace Facebook Events and similar closed services.

It would use ActivityPub, so people would be able to organise events on the Fediverse.

You can also follow its Mastodon account here:


#Mobilizon #DeleteFacebook #Events #Alternatives #Fediverse

The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk? (Kurzgesagt)

All these developers going nuts about Windows getting the Linux kernel built in, when Linux has had the Linux kernel built in this whole time...


Purism will allow bigoted content on their servers Show more

Just heard that China has now blocked all access to all editions of Wikipedia. Apparently Turkey has done this too.

Fortunately, there's an app called #Kiwix which lets people download, browse and search the whole of Wikipedia (and many other wikimedia sites) entirely offline on their computer or phone.

You can follow them here:


Their official website is here:

(Thanks to @Khrys for the China news)

#Alternatives #OffTheGrid #Wikipedia drama Show more

@purism @Purism While I'm all for decentralisation and moving away from malicious corporate entities, I don't really like how it's made to seem as if every service on is something made by Purism. The technical specifications do say what protocol is being used but not the underlying software and I think that's an underhanded way to go about it.

At least say LibremSocial is Mastodon, LibremTunnel is PIA, LibremMail is any old mail server with tight GPG integration & K-9 Mail from Android, and that LibremFiles and Contacts will, I assume, be Nextcloud.

I really don't like people that come along, take a good open source project, rebrand it, and pass it off as their own. Transparency is a good thing and I don't really see any on the front page of

If you were operating this as a non-profit, that would one thing. It's an entirely different matter to be making money from free software without giving credit where credit is due.

@melgu @tootleapp I just went ahead to add a picture to a new toot. It then asked me for photo access. After that, it doesn’t crash anymore.
So, the Bug is simply a missing request for photo access.

@tootleapp Hi! The App crashes whenever I try to save a photo to the local photo library. The App also never asked me for permissions to my photos, so there might be a connection.

that people have computers at home where they could do all their work but instead they have to spend money on dressing fancy and makeup and cars to go to a big building where they are demonstrably less productive and healthy and the building is empty every night while people have no homes is fuckin' weird, like, don't let anyone do that anymore

#Petition #Klimaschutzgesetz

Die #Klimaschutzziele von Paris müssen endlich verbindlich in einem #Gesetz festgeschrieben werden:

Der Deutsche #Bundestag möge beschließen, innerhalb der nächsten sechs Monate ein verbindliches, sektorübergreifendes Klimaschutzgesetz zu verabschieden, das zum Ziel hat, die Netto-#Emissionen von #CO2 und anderen #Treibhausgase*n schnell abzusenken und bis 2040 möglichst bis 2035 auf null zu reduzieren.


Das hätte ich bitte gern für ÖPNV.


Ständig erzählen mir Leute, daß das #Auto unverzichtbar sei, weil die #Bahn und der #ÖPNV so schlecht sind. Das ist aber nicht gottgegeben, sondern das Resultat unserer Politik. Wenn man die Pro-Kopf #Investitionen in Bahnen vergleicht: #Deutschland auf dem vorletzten Platz!


Public Service Announcement:

"uBlock Origin" and "uBlock" are two different privacy plugins for web browsers.

✅ uBlock Origin is the one recommends

❌ uBlock is NOT recommended

For more information on why they have such similar names but are so different:

p.s. recommends installing both uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger ( alongside each other.

#uBlockOrigin #uBlock #µBlock #Privacy #AdBlocking

#ICANN is proposing allowing unlimited fee increases for .org domain names, which currently are allowed to increase a maximum of 10% annually at

Until April 29 you can send a comment to express your disagreement.

If you wonder why this is relevant, consider that many non-profit organizations around the world might be forced to change their domain by simply raising the price enough.

Don't forget that in some places people strive to gain 10$ in a month.

Das AfD-Programm entschlüsselt

Am Freitag haben wir den Entwurf des AfD-Grundsatzprogramms veröffentlicht. Am Samstag habe ich auf Facebook eine pointierte Zusammenfassung des Programms geschrieben. Einige Leute haben uns dafür kritisiert und meinten, einzelne Programmpunkte seien zu sehr zugespitzt gewesen. Ich erkläre deshalb hier noch mal im Detail, wie ich zu den Einschätzungen gekommen bin.

RT birdsite:
Baggernaut @OP_liefert

Dein 500€-Schein muss weg. Wegen "Terrorabwehr".

Deine Autobahn werden überwacht.
Wegen "Terrorabwehr".

Du darfst kein Taschenmesser mehr tragen.
Wegen "Terrorabwehr".

Du wirst 6 Monate ohne Anklage eingeknastet.
Wegen "Terrorabwehr".

Am 26. Mai geh ich wählen. Terrorabwehr.

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