Fascinating post from Justin O’Beirne on Apple Maps changes in Northern California

We are preparing to release federation support and we want your feedback!

Can you think of any safety, privacy or security features that we haven't announced or already support?

We appreciate any ideas/feedback that can make :pixelfed: more safe and secure. #pixelfed

@PawelOrzech Go to any list of users, like people who favourited a toot, then try scrolling past the end.

@PawelOrzech I’m not sure I can accept that judgement when I have a signing elephant and a hidden pool game.

@tootapp I generally like your Mastodon app best. I‘m missing one thing though: Is there a way to see the instance or federated timeline?

*shakes Hubble space telescope a bit, hears something rattle inside*
*gives is a couple of slaps, jiggles it around*
*hears no rattling*
"There, fixed it."


@bigzaphod if it helps stop your brain from snapping, Frog Leap Studios did a metal version.


That thrill when you get some cool shit to happen on your screen with some lines of code—it never goes away. 100% worth all the frustration that comes along with this work. I love what I do. 💖

"The Japanese Man Who Saved 6,000 Jews With His Handwriting" by David Wolpe

"After the ceremony, in front of some 1,200 students, I spoke with his one remaining child, his son Nobuki, who arrived from Belgium to honor his father’s memory. He told me his father was “a very simple man. He was kind, loved reading, gardening and most of all children. He never thought what he did was notable or unusual.”"


y'all discord users ought to send an email to them saying you opt out of their arbitration clause in case they ever need sued

if you don't trust me read the eula yourself and decide if not having your right to sue them taken away is worth an email


(or, you know, maybe avoid the service entirely if you're able and willing)

why organize tech workers? Show more

Climate change →
Climate refugees →
Nationalism →
Authoritarianism →
Denial of facts →
Climate change →

@tootleapp : In the Tootle App, I can’t exit out of videos. No swiping and no X-pressing works. I have to force quit the app.

Is learning how to code a fundamental skill like reading and writing?

Or is it more like plumbing in that it is incredibly valuable to society but most people don’t need to understand it?

Or is it more like law where it’s good for kids to have a basic understanding of our legal system but they don’t really need any in-depth knowledge?

@tootleapp Hi! Do you plan on updating the app for the iPhone XS Max? Right now some of the text and especially the oversized keyboard look really weird.

I finally found the time to play Spec Op: The Line. Holy shit! That is some heavy stuff! We need more games like that.

Me: “I shave 5ms off of that API call”
Apple: “We made it 9 times faster while occupying 1/10th the energy”

Trying to understand why some people seem really ticked off at @wilw and it all seems to stem from reactionary twitter. The mob simply decided that Wil was bad.

I won't claim to know him, but everything I've ever heard him say tells me he's not a dick. Certainly far less of a dick than I am.

So if y'all would kindly stop nut-punching the man long enough to hear his side and MAYBE consider that nobody owes you any explanations anyway, maybe we could get the fuck along.

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