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Melvin Gundlach

I finally found the time to play Spec Op: The Line. Holy shit! That is some heavy stuff! We need more games like that.

Me: “I shave 5ms off of that API call”
Apple: “We made it 9 times faster while occupying 1/10th the energy”

Trying to understand why some people seem really ticked off at @wilw and it all seems to stem from reactionary twitter. The mob simply decided that Wil was bad.

I won't claim to know him, but everything I've ever heard him say tells me he's not a dick. Certainly far less of a dick than I am.

So if y'all would kindly stop nut-punching the man long enough to hear his side and MAYBE consider that nobody owes you any explanations anyway, maybe we could get the fuck along.

"When you don't create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than your ability. Your tastes only narrow & exclude people. So create."

- Why The Lucky Stiff

Am I the only one getting the update warning every couple of minutes on the iOS (public) beta?
(Screenshot in German)

If you want to avoid spoilers for the coming iPhones and Apple Watches, keep off social media and Apple news sites for the next couple of hours.

ironically my hot take on wilw being run out of town Show more

For users:

Dogpiling and harassment are off-limits no matter how justified you think you are. The rules are for everyone.

Strongly considering adding screenshot-dunking to the code of conduct as well. We don't need that culture here.

Meta take. Of course its about wilw. Everything is. Show more

I have been notified by an Admin here that they are getting 60 reports a day about my account. As far as I can tell, I'm not breaking any rules, and I've done my best to be a good person here. But this admin is going to suspend my account.

It's the Admin's instance, so I fully support their choice to eliminate a source of frustration, but something to consider: a person who is doing nothing wrong can be run off one instance by a mob from another instance. That seems ... not cool. 1/x

The Bridge has improved a lot over the months. It allows Twitter users to find their friends on Mastodon.

If you have a Twitter account, consider using it at least once so when your Twitter friends discover Mastodon, they will easily find you here.

If you agree to link your Twitter and Mastodon account, see connecting at least once as a small contribution to the Mastodon community.

If you agree, retoot or post your own version.

I have a bunch of friends from Twitter joining Mastodon tonight so I made a quick guide to how the site works. Making it public so anyone can see/boost it if it's helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

hey periodic reminder that the mastodon elephant is canonically enby

I rebooted into windows to play some games but windows managed to piss me off so much already that I don’t think I’ll have energy to play anything.

Honestly, it’s quite remarkable that Microsoft managed to create a system so consistently bad for such a long time.

Any opinions about the new graphics cards? (Price aside)

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@siracusa How do you guys see the chances of alternatives like Mastodon or competing against Twitter and Facebook?

@brunoph Hi! I just realized that you can’t scrub through video in the Amaroq iPhone app. You can’t grab the scrubber. It tries to switch to the next photo/video (as if I was swiping on a picture).