Me: I would like to get a faster grep utility!

Homebrew: Updates for minutes on end, completely negating any longterm speed benefits this tool would provide.

(P.S. the utility is ripgrep and it's hecka cool:

This website, where you can view the location of real world grave sites and leave digital flowers for people you’ve never met is a good reminder that the internet can still keep it weird:

@blurrythoughts This is the only thing more tempting than the sugary sweet delight that is the donut itself.

Is anyone here running the iOS beta on an iPhone X? If so, how’s stability and application support for you?

@fuzzface Stopped drinking a month and a half ago. Still wake up some mornings and feel like I partied with Slash in the 80s. The human body is mystifying.

@JPEG Some features are just clear improvements. Once a company discovers one, it's up to everyone else to integrate it into their own platforms.

The Oni editor is a neat thing. It's early and slow and not really suitable for me to 'actually do stuff', but it's neat. Something to check in on. 🙂

@JPEG First, it was expecting everything I own to dim when inactive and brighten back up when it was moved like the Wii U. Now it's this. 2018 is hell.

@blurrythoughts or the name of their (undoubtedly critically adored, but naturally slow-selling) country project.

@blurrythoughts When I was very young I legitimately thought this was their name.

@milesm Yeah. A lot of making tech do what it does not want to do.

@milesm Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. I spend a bunch of time trying to figure out which package is breaking which other package in under which version. All I want to do is build a thing.

Back to the delicate dance of aligning my cordova platform versions with the various plugins in this Ionic project...😑

@lotus42 Ha, it’s all good. “Toot” as a verb and noun is the worst part about this.

Wow, this update to Dark Sky is a really solid improvement. Never cared much for the previous designs, but always loved the functionality. This brings the look up to snuff and keeps all the good parts about how it works.

@wes @jrss Some client ought to do this, it seems pretty reasonable.

If I was more ambitious, I would _make_ this client, but let's not be crazy. I only got here three days ago.

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