Back to the delicate dance of aligning my cordova platform versions with the various plugins in this Ionic project...😑

@meld been there. Cross platform development is really getting crazy.

@milesm Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. I spend a bunch of time trying to figure out which package is breaking which other package in under which version. All I want to do is build a thing.

@meld yup. Recently just launched a RN app and felt the same way. Personally I'm a fan of native webview wrapper apps, or native. In between is where it gets merky.

@milesm Yeah. A lot of making tech do what it does not want to do.

@meld well sometimes it is what it wants to do, but Android and ios are so different now, you add in a third thing to wrestle with (RN/Ionic/etc) and the cost benefit ratio is blown

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