Does anyone have tips for improving typing speed? I'm relatively quick, but no matter how many online courses I do, I hover around the 75wpm mark. What does it take to break into the big leagues?

@nater I rode that train for a while and got my speed to a workable place, but being lost whenever I used someone else’s machine or a public computer drove me back to the inferior layout. Dvorak is definitely better though!

@meld other than working on it a little everyday, not much.

I found that being intentional about which finger to use with each key and breaking words into common patterns is great to quickly build up speed while working on complex words is necessary for 'high-speed' typing.

@ami you’re not the first to mention it, but I mentor folks at work and not being able to swap to other machines easily is a no go 🙁. It’s definitely the better way, though.

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