Me: I would like to get a faster grep utility!

Homebrew: Updates for minutes on end, completely negating any longterm speed benefits this tool would provide.

(P.S. the utility is ripgrep and it's hecka cool:

This website, where you can view the location of real world grave sites and leave digital flowers for people you’ve never met is a good reminder that the internet can still keep it weird:

Is anyone here running the iOS beta on an iPhone X? If so, how’s stability and application support for you?

The Oni editor is a neat thing. It's early and slow and not really suitable for me to 'actually do stuff', but it's neat. Something to check in on. 🙂

Back to the delicate dance of aligning my cordova platform versions with the various plugins in this Ionic project...😑

Wow, this update to Dark Sky is a really solid improvement. Never cared much for the previous designs, but always loved the functionality. This brings the look up to snuff and keeps all the good parts about how it works.

Fans of Meat Puppets, Dinosaur Jr. and other good music, take note: This album destroys.

I thought 'Nanette' was pretty powerful, but this is a very good article. I'd recommend both watching 'Nanette' and reading this.

Friendly reminder that Castro is a truly terrific way to listen to podcasts on iOS. The queue system makes it easy to subscribe to a bunch of stuff but only care about the individual casts that matter.

Does anyone have tips for improving typing speed? I'm relatively quick, but no matter how many online courses I do, I hover around the 75wpm mark. What does it take to break into the big leagues?

This series of articles on the development and proliferation of Windows is truly wonderful:

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