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Tried to upgrade my VPS to FreeBSD 13, but went out of diskspace in the process. Now I'm wondering why I didn't take a snapshot before the upgrade. Bummer.

Finished todays adventofcode just before bedtime. Nice!

@kensanata I have difficulties accessing your gopher server. All I get is an empty response. Is the address correct?

11 is now running perfectly on my work machine. Restored all important files from my restic backup after install. Case closed.

I consider to replace with on my work machine cause I'm fed up with things getting broken all the time. Also, who needs the latest version of software all the time? is funnier than I thought. And educational. I'm spending far too much time solving these puzzles.

Checking out tarsnap for backup of my freebsd machine. It seems quite expensive, so I'm curious what deduplication and compression do.

Totally failed when I tried to install the IRC proxy bip on my VPS due to missing SASL support. I'm considering ZNC, not sure what other alternatives I have.

Here’s that CGI application I’ve been working on; a work-in-progress, basic HTML frontend to the Wayback Machine, for browsing the old web straight from an old browser, including the Wayback Machine’s site search 💻🌐📅

Somehow ended up reading the emacs lisp source code of tetris.

Rewrote my BSD feed list in Common Lisp: Though I have to admit that the cron-job fetching the feeds is still wriiten in Python. Python's feedparser seems so much more powerful than cl-feed-parser

I've collected some feeds and put them on a webpage. Any idea which feeds to add?

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